Handmade, Homemade, Made with Love: Craft Trends 2019

If your search for craft trends for 2019 it is all about getting personal and doing it yourself. But us crafters don’t need to be told that handmade, homemade, made with love. We have been doing it for years. Here I just talk you through the two strong craft trends that are to be popular this year.

Now just to warn you, these aren’t really Trends…. just constant hobbies and pursuits that Crafters love and will never give up.

Yes, we know we can get most things made in China for a fraction of the cost as long as you don’t need them straight away and can wait over a month only to find out they are tiny/ or super large. Generally, when it comes to cheap things there isn’t a lot of skill or care taken.


Yarn Lovers

Knitting and crochet are super popular and it makes sense.

Idle hands are terrible….. (especially for my waistline) but in colder months although I do love a duvet day with my nearest and dearest. I love nothing more than creating! To be able to knit or crochet something that will make you actually feel warmer is wonderful. Handmade socks, gloves scarves jumpers you name it. Nice and toasty. I am in possession of a beautiful hand knitted grey mermaid tale. I love it and it was made with love!

But knitting is not limited to clothes your home may be in dire need of something knitted or crocheted. From tea cosy, blankets, cushion covers. You can even crochet around a glass jar for a cute tea light you are truly only limited to yourself.


how to read crochet patterns


Yarn lovers cackle to themselves when people say oh yes it’s a big trend. Actually, it’s not, it is a much-loved past time, trends and fads aren’t going to diminish it. Once you get hooked on needles that’s it!

I feel that all children should be taught to knit. It is a practical hobby to get into and you can create something from a ball of yarn. Much more useful then than making a mask of Tutankhamun or building a miniature version of Stonehenge.

Knitting and crochet are practical, mathematical and teaches patience, planning and pride.




Again, an art that has been around since time began. Well from when the Chinese first wrote the alphabet.  There are lots of different types, from traditional calligraphy, tradition Chinese brush lettering, to modern calligraphy and brush lettering. What is wonderful about this craft is that anyone can do it. Again, it teaches patience, planning and practice. You don’t need skill to learn the basics but dedication.

Yes, there are super talented people out there who can just do it effortlessly.



They are some people who can take up any craft fairly quickly and can sometimes outshine their tutors. But for most of us, we can get to a happy crafty place as long as we practice and try.

I have been practising my hand lettering on and off for two years and I love it. I need to practice more but I don’t mind the cheating methods of filling in. The back of my Bullet journal is filled with scribbles and practice words and letters. I do it for me so I don’t really follow any set rules. Over the years I have invested in some lovely pens but all you need is a pad and pen to get started.


Craft has come a long way from when your gran used to knit or crochet your jumpers and bags. My granny was an amazing Crocheter, we are talking swans and roses whilst she was watching her favourite Argentinian soap opera. I still have a bag made by her and it is still beautiful!

But some of us aren’t so lucky and get slightly Mrs Weasley inspired jumpers that perhaps you would like to leave the house wearing. This because of social media, sharing our tips and showing what we have created. Crafters love to share, so if they have rewritten a pattern or just adjusted the colours, they will show you at there local knitting groups, or in the Facebook knitting groups.

Crafters are an inclusive bunch. We don’t mind if you are just starting out or can knit with your eyes shut. We like tryers, without snobbery, just with a thirst for knowledge.

If you hate idle hands as much as we do they you will do well in whatever craft you choose to go for!


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