Engaged at Christmas/ New Year: 2019 Wedding Trends

Engaged at Christmas / New Year, how exciting!

Now breath!

Take some time to enjoy this. Take as much time you like to tell your friends and family. Do it in person or over the phone but then just take some time for yourself.

Time is going to fly (8 months and counting ahhh).

You can check your secret Pinterest board for ideas that you like and talk to your partner about the budget, what time of year and what themes if any you are having.

Will it be a short or long engagement?

Now take another breath and remember this is your day. There will be a family drama, hopefully not too much.

We have another blog on getting started with planning your wedding if you want to read it then click here.

Do it how you want!

If it’s a shorter engagement then you need to start writing a list of people you want at your wedding and start planning the invites.

If you love stationary this may well be your favourite bit.

Organisation is key regardless of how long you have to plan your wedding. Get a new wedding email you are about to be inundated with offers and requests

Here are the trends of 2019 but remember it’s your day! Do whatever and how ever you like.

Here come the Trends


Wedding Trends



 Return of the bold colours

This trend certainly shouldn’t influence you. If you don’t like pretty pastels then fine go for brights but when it comes to your colour palette don’t let anyone influence or judge you.  Don’t look back at your photos and think that you wish you had picked your favourites rather than a trend flower.

Flowers are there for your pure enjoyment, so choose what you love!

If you want soft or black and white then go for it. If you want colour everywhere (like I do) then have it. I have been planning my wedding for over a year so my colour theme isn’t influenced by this. It is influenced by us and our colourful lives.

Don’t forget, the seasons will influence your flowers but they don’t have to influence your décor.



Thanks to the Royal wedding’s traditions are back in style. Less revealing wedding dresses, 3 piece suits. Big formal cakes. If you wanted a quaint village church wedding like your mum and dad then it’s not old-fashioned any more it is on trend say the experts.

But please ignore them and do what you want.

If you want elegant Monogrammed stationary (which I am fond of) just remember as much as you like seeing your initials on everything doesn’t mean your friends want it in there homes. On stationery and decorations at the venue, you can go crazy! I have a few initialled candles for the top table but the favours will have our guests names on it.

Clothes, traditional gowns are three piece suits are

Calligraphy isn’t going anywhere (yay) just make sure it is legible. I have an



Illustrated Invitations

Oh, I love these. Anything personal that you can do yourself or ask a friend to draw for you makes me so happy. You can also keep one in a frame as a beautiful memory which is perfect for stationary nuts or to give as your first-anniversary gift. You can employ people to create a masterpiece for you or find cute illustrations on a wedding invite website. There is a reason that people charge a lot for bespoke so a good artist is worth it.
Also you don’t have to get an illustrator to help you, you could create gorgeous invites with watercolour splashes. You just have to try.

Banquet tables

My favourite trend so far. I am not a fan of the round table due to lack of being able to talk to lots of everyone. Ironically the only issue is the top table is a fairly lonely place. You just get to speak to the person next to you and watch everyone chatting and enjoying themselves. If it’s just you and your partner that may be nice. But do what you want. Family will play a part in this but you should really do what makes you happy.


Winding Table


Ethical weddings

Before you roll your eyes just think about the amount of waste you get at a normal party. Bottles, papers, food etc. Now think of a wedding: stationery, foods, signs décor. You can sell on most of your wedding bits, signs and decor. You can make your money back or even get a bit of profit, this is much more ethical as it is not going straight in the bin. You want it to be as beautiful as possible but maybe not at the cost of the environment?

Think: recycle and reuse. Wedding dresses, rings, and all your wedding bits can be sourced for a better price saving you hundreds of pounds.


So just a few ideas to get you started. writing this has made me think about how much we are spending on things that will get thrown away. We are in the process of booking our food at the moment and it is really making me think about seasonal goods. Also, what will be thrown away. My ring was second hand, I am trying to think of other ways to look after the pennies and the earth at the same time.

I think that everyone can make small changes in there wedding and in there life in general.

I hope you enjoyed, the next wedding blog will be a make!





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