Plans for the New Year and what you want from us?

So it is time for us to start planning for the new year and to find out what you want from us? We need all the information you can give us so please email us with all your suggestions. January is a great time to sit down and plan out the year. We like to take a breather from how busy we have been this Christmas time and start planning.

How do you utilise, January?

Well, Christmas is over!

All that time and effort, some of you will be packing up the tree and preparing for the new year. Can you believe it? For us, we have been working on Christmas since July.  So we will have six months of other issues then our focus will be back on Christmas. Luckily we are a company that really lovely Christmas. Being a small family run company means that we really do appreciate all of our customers and we want to keep it personal. That is why we need your input so much!

You keep us going year after year!

So this is a big thank you to you! We really couldn’t do this without you. We are growing day by day in our social presence and as a company!

This is only going to be a little blog what we are going to ask you:

What do you want from us?

More Workshops?

Different workshops?

Do you prefer informational content on how to use art products?

More unboxings and product reviews?


Which artist and Tutor interviews?

What are your favorite Blogs and why?


The more information you give us the more we can blog and workshop. If there is a product we sell and you want to know how it works please let me know and we will try to do a blog on it. We will be entering the world of Youtube this year. So you will see camera shy me trying to show you how to create things. I will definitely be needing a few manicures before I start.



New Year New………

As I am hopeless at keeping resolutions I am not making any this year. I have a lot of planning to do, new workshops which I am excited about! But I aim to just make goals and reach them as I go along rather than ones I set in stone at the start of the year. My main focus this year is the blog and workshops with a bit of Youtube thrown in to add to the creative fun of it. Another focus for me will be my very handmade wedding! I will be showing you how I make bits and using my Cricut machine to save me time and money!

So let me know what you want from us and we can start planning for the new year!

I hope you have all had a wonderful Christmas, thank you for sharing a part of it with us!

Hello 2019

Happy New Year from all of us!


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