It’s nearly Christmas but don’t panic you still have time

I know there are only 5 days left till Christmas but don’t panic you still have time. Don’t stress too much if you haven’t crossed everything off your list. It is time to put down the google search and hit the high street.

Don’t worry if you can’t find the exact thing you’re looking for. You can always hunt after Christmas in the January sales. Your family will still appreciate it even if it is a few days late. Maybe Santa got stuck up the chimney and there was no one there to pull him out!

If your parcel hasn’t arrived in the post just blame that elf mail!! They won’t be that disappointed and by lunchtime, they will have forgotten. Just relax and enjoy your day. We don’t need to turn into Arnold Schwarzenegger and start fighting people for toys and gifts. Although if you take my ham I am intending on baking with Jack Daniels and honey you may see the Hulk burst out of me!



It’s just one Day!

Everyone gets that this can be a stressful time but remember its only one day, you get to do the whole thing again next year, or if you are in a Forces or Emergency services family you may be celebrating it twice anyway.

Christmas is as magical as you make it. It is not about Rose Gold Christmas tree, geometric reindeer or perfect place settings. these things are nice and they help create a gorgeous atmosphere but You are what make Christmas nothing else.

Joyful Christmas

We have all laughed at dry or slightly burnt dinners. Panicked when the oven hasn’t worked or sat down to wrap gifts and realised you have no sellotape. Or worse you have a left a gift somewhere and you have trashed the house looking for it! We also remember the good times. When Yorkshire pudding was so big we couldn’t pull them out of the oven. When you played board games late into the night. where we watch a movie together and complained when all the adults fell into their turkey comas. Now that we are adults we fall into our own turkey comma and the kids laugh at us!



After Christmas

Children will go to school excited about what presents they got but when they grow into adults they may remember one or two gifts but I promise you it will be spending Christmas with you that they remember. All your family traditions that they love and cherish.

It truly is the simple things in life that make us happy.

So don’t Panic, you still have time, Time to remember it will be perfect even if you haven’t crossed off your whole list. Perfect even without those sacred presents under the tree.

Merry Christmas


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