How to have a Stress Free Christmas

Christmas is a stressful time.

It is- as much as it is full of love family and laughter there is a lot of preparation involved. Food alone is crazy! Here are a few tips so you can enjoy a stress free Christmas.

Organisation is key as well as a budget. It is all well and good buying presents here and there but rather than going too crazy, write a budget. Kids toys cost a fortune and they get bored of them quickly.

I have a few lists

  •  Gifts
  • Events
  • Food, drink and fruit
  • Cards



Another way to relieve stress is to set a realistic budget! Do all your work colleagues need a gift or would they prefer one nice gift (thank you secret Santa). You need to write a  list of gifts for friends and family. It is always useful to have a few spare under the tree for those people you have forgotten about. The worse scenario is when you all agree not to get gifts but someone gets one anyway! It’s my niece and nephews first Christmas so the whole family is excited. They will get a ridiculous amount of presents and end up playing with the wrapping paper.

Buying online is going to remove the stress of plowing through the crowds on a weekend!

Agree beforehand who you are buying gifts for. You need to have everyone you need on that list, make sure you have plenty of wrapping paper and tape!



We all have work drinks, family gathering, parties you name it. Which means arriving with wine in hand and a small gift for under there tree. If you plan these on your calendar order in a few bottles of wine and take a few treats with you! The last thing you want to do is raid your own wine stash on the way out. I only take wine that I want to drink or I think they will like. I am not into buying or regifting bad wine!

Also, don’t overdo it. Don’t try to cram in too much in a few weeks. Learn to say no! We have moved our Christmas drinks to January because we don’t have time you fit it in. We are really looking forward to it in the gloomy days of January! It was making all of us feel guilty about not having enough time and adding to the stress.



If you are cooking or baking anything this year then a list is a must-have. I will never forget missing the treacle out of my Christmas cake. Delia Smith was probably shaking her head in shame! We are not having Christmas at our house this year but I need to stock up on snacking bits! Lots of tonic for all the gin we have. We will bake a ham and buy some cakes from Konditor and Cook!

Christmas is personal! I have Yorkshires with dinner and if you try to take them away from me I get angry!


I am terrible at cards, I buy them every year in the sale put them away and can’t find them. Every year we plan to post them early and we never do. Having a list is a must-have. remember who you have sent them out to and who you will hand them out to. It can get a bit stressful. For that reason compiling friends and family address earlier on is great! Then you know how many cards and stamps you will need.

If you are making your own you need to get cracking but if it gets too much just make cards for those who will appreciate how much work goes into them.


My tree and Harry Potter Wreath which was almost the size of my house!


Social media is adding to the pressure

People posting their perfect trees in there super tidy houses can add to your stress! don’t be fazed by it. Put your tree up when you want, how you want. Although I can appreciate a themed colour tree I do find that they lack a little joy. All my baubles have memories and stories behind them. My latest 3 are a glass spun pineapple, coconut tree and a bauble with flowers of the Seychelles on them. Can you believe I bought them in the summer? and I can’t wait to had them to my tree. I have baubles from my childhood and they all go on one tree. My tree looks like a child designed it and it fills me with such joy!

Social media wouldn’t like my tree! I don’t care.


How to cope with the stress

Ask for help

The wonders of a list are that you hand it to someone and ask them to get it for you! Online shopping is a blessing, but they still make mistakes. You need to do everything early so it definitely comes in on time. I still prefer to food shop in person but things like booze and staples I definitely want them delivered to my home. You don’t have to go outside, they give you an hour window, it’s that simple. If its kid’s toys and you can buy them online this is definitely a task you can ask someone to do for you.

Ask for all sorts of help and also if you don’t want to do something you can pretty much pay people to do it. You can have your tree decorated, front door dressed, presents wrapped you can even pay someone to shop for you.

My side of the family absolutely love Christmas but it is about the time together rather than presents. So we don’t do gifts unless we spend Christmas together, then we do secret Santa!




Relax and enjoy it

If you do end up doing everything your self then make sure you take some time for yourself. Treat yourself to a nice candle, run a bath, put on a face mask. Pamper yourself at home! get your partner to take the kids out for a few hours. Put your feet up and watch your favourite movie or indulge in a bit of reading. This will be easier to do once you have a few things ticked off your list but still. Now is the time to Enjoy and indulge!


When you go to a lot of effort to create Christmas then at the end of the day all you want is a little appreciation. Find your thank yous in their happy faces, full belly’s and sighs of contentment. You have done a wonderful job and when you sit down at the end of the day and your friends and family make room for you, make you a cup of tea or a nice mulled wine. Remember that there is nowhere they would rather be!

Because you make Christmas! hopefully this year with a bit more help.

Have a very merry stress (less) Christmas

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