Top 10 Of 10 Watercolour Recommendations: For Gifts or just for you

If you are stuck looking for art presents or want to add to your art collection here we go through our Top 10 Of 10 in watercolour. All the products you can use together or on there own. Watercolour doesn’t have to be limited to tubes of paint. You have half pans, pencils, pens, inks and blocks.


1. Winsor and Newton 24 Half Pan

I love this set so much I have two of them. It has all the colours you need and you can travel with it easily. When it comes to half pans you get no waste what so ever. You can add more colours or just replace the ones you have in the set. As this is an artists quality set you get beautiful colour mixing with less muddy colours, your colours won’t fade over time.

These tins make the perfect gift for any watercolour enthusiast but if you are just starting out in watercolour and don’t want to spend all the money on this set then Winsor and Newton have a Cotman range which has lovely vibrant colours in them our most popular set is the Pocket Cotman. My uncle bought me this when I was 16 and I still have it!

2. Sennelier Travel Set

Sennelier has an amazing reputation for all its fine art materials and this little set is no different. * beautiful colours is all you need to get going. It doesn’t have a lot of room for mixing your colours but it does have a mini brush for you to paint with. This is a gorgeous arty stocking filler and the truth about painting is that you don’t need a lot of colours to create a masterpiece.

Even though I already have 4 other watercolour sets I can see this one sneaking into my art bag just for its cute size and beautiful colours.

3. Royal Talens

These watercolours are one of our best selling paint sets and although I haven’t tried them myself we have had really great feedback from both our customers and artists in general. You get a lot of paint for the money. Perfect for all levels especially beginners of all ages. a wonderful artist made

4. Koi Watercolour

So this brand is new to us this year and again has been popular. I have been using the Koi pens (also watercolour and am in absolute love with them. I use the palette method when using water colour pens so you get a paler layer of the colour. Perfect for skin tones and adding depth. The watercolour sets have brought out a shimmer set which I must admit excites me. Illustrators at Christmas time and all year round are going to love the golds and silver shimmer watercolours in these sets.

Which brings us perfectly onto No.5

5. Creative Expressions

Not a major player in the Art world but these very popular watercolour sets are filled with iridescent shimmer, the entires palettes. designed for cardmakers and crafters these beautiful paints can add a bit of sparkle to your paintings and illustrations.

My mum, the avid crafter will definitely be getting this for Christmas and there are a few sets to choose from. Used separately or add a glaze to your normal watercolours.


6. Ecoline Inks

If you want vibrant gorgeous colours these ink are so wonderful I can’t tell you, use the in lid pipettes, brushes dip pens you name it. These liquid watercolours are fluid and easy to blend with. You work can be as controlled or as free as you like. I love to put them on as a background then blast them with water spray and watch them mix and create gorgeous colours. Ecoline also comes in brush pens that you can just paint or use as brush pens. These inks can really jazz up for handwriting and calligraphy. Winsor and Newton also do a gorgeous silver and gold ink perfect for Christmas crafting.

7. Tombows

This is another definite favourite. Tombow pens are beautiful they come in all sorts of colours and tones. you can blend them easily. Create wonderful illustrations and just add water or use the blender pen for beautiful projects. These are also great for mixed media and calligraphy projects. Perfect for all ages and all genres of art from Manga to fine art pieces these pens are welcome in any artists bag.

I think it is the actual ranges of colour that make these pens so excites. they act more like a traditional pen then the Ecoline pens which a more fluid, so with Tombow you have a lot more control.


8. Caran D’ache Gouache

Oh do I love Caran D’ache everything! pens, pencils, watercolour pencils and this Gouache Set. The colours are vibrant and opaque. Ideal for illustrators and mixed media artists. The colours will sit flatly on top of each other. Gouache especially the white is great to add to your watercolours as it can add a richness that can take time to build up in watercolours. Gouache also dries with a very attractive matte finish.

I actually can’t think of a single reason why I don’t own this set… roll on payday.

9. Faber Castell Watercolour Pencils

We do sell a lot of watercolour pencils, and for me, it is between Caran D’ache and Albert Durer watercolour pencils. Beautiful tones great for layering like a normal pencil and then they come alive when you add a water to them.

If you are buying as a gift then wonderful.

If, however, you are buying for yourself, then go for the biggest selection you can afford. I went for an 24 selection and am kicking myself. The colours are gorgeous but I just want more. If you know you are going to use them then just buy the one with the most colours. You don’t need a fancy box, says the girl who bought the fancy pencil box which was limited edition… I am an art supplies addict I can’t help myself.

10. Inktense Blocks

Saving the most versatile till last. Derwent ink blocks are incredible. You can use them like a pastel. paint with them as a watercolour block. you can draw with them then add a wet brush. These are a bit like gouache and ink whereas the colours are super vibrant. There is no age cap on these creative tools. You can use them for printing all sorts.

You can also print onto fabric and like lots of Derwent items they will not come off! painting on silks cotton all sorts of fabrics. If you want more control details you could also use Derwent’s paint pens which are truly lovely.


In Summary

Okay so even though it is a bit more than ten options I hope everything is clear. To be honest with you, you can’t go wrong with any of the sets I have suggested. These are all based on our customer’s favourites and my personal favourites. This is Crafty arts top 10 of 10, we will continue this theme with acrylic medium.

Hope you enjoy

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