Top 10 of 10 Acrylic Sets

Here I share our top 10 of acrylic sets Watercolour may not be everyone’s cup of tea. Technically it can be tricky very tricky and you have to learn a lot before you can create masterpieces unless you like abstract or mixed media. Acrylic, on the other hand, is a wonderful rich medium that you can create a painting and if you make a mistake, let it dry and fix it.  Acrylic is very forgiving when other mediums are not.

1 Liquitex 48 set

If you like to have lots of choices then this is the paint set for you. This is one of our most popular sets all year round. Ideal for students, beginners and children if you love painting but prefer to do less colour mixing then this set may be the ideal one for you. They are a nice sized 22ml tube perfect for smaller painting and people who are new to acrylics.




2 Amsterdam sets

When it comes to art materials and mediums are all personal. Some prefer thicker acrylics that they add medium to get a better flow. These Amsterdam acrylics are of a thinner consistently so the flow is already great. you won’t need to add thinning solutions to your work. The colours are of a good colour consistency. All the colours are  lightfast which means longevity to all your creations.



3 Reeves Primary Acrylic

Reeves is under the Winsor and Newton Brand and have themselves been rebranded with a clean look. This comprehensive range of strong, vibrant colours will achieve ideal results on virtually any surface from canvas to wood, clay, fabric and even metal. This is another set perfect for any level of artist.




4 FW Ink set

I am a massive ink fan, I find them so freeing and playful. Acrylic inks can be applied to most surfaces. They are ideal for doing washes and softer backgrounds but if you use airbrushes then this is the medium for you. These inks are made with pigments instead of dyes. This results in a slight reduction in colour intensity, but much-improved resistance to fading. The use of acrylic resins means you have water-soluble inks that are water-resistant when dry. They come in all sorts of sets from pearlescent to neon to traditional colour palette they really are worth a play and a great gift for an acrylic painter who has never used them before. The pearlescent ones have snuck there way into my collection of inks.





5 Van Gogh Box Acrylic Paint Set

For gifts, nothing beats a new art set in a wooden box. this one is really beautiful. It has everything you need to get going and for finishing your artwork. paints varnishes and mediums plus a pad and brushes. The quality is great and the presentation is fantastic. This is suitable for all levels and all ages. acrylic paint is a pretty safe medium. I wouldn’t recommend it for children younger than 8 as this stuff doesn’t come off clothes.



6 Cryla intro

This is an ideal set for artists. Cryla is a gorgeous rich artists quality paint set. The colours are vibrant as pigments rather than hues are used in this selection. We sell these individually as well as in sets. This gift is perfect for the professional or someone selling there art as this is a beautiful set.




7 Art Creation

The paint is pasty has a silky sheen when dry and can be painted over quickly. Talens Art Creation can be used both straight from the tube and thinned with water and the paint is waterproof when dry. This larger than an introduction set gives you plenty of paint to create a few paintings will. Great for school projects and also for amateur artists.

8 Winsor and Newton

Winsor and Newton have two acrylic sets the professional range which is a must for artists. When it comes to their metallic range no one can beat them. I tried out all the silvers on white black and canvas and Winsor and Newton Professional range silver was the strongest than all the others I tested.

9 Folk art Paint

As wonderful as sets are, sometimes painters just like receiving the colours that they want! we sell most paint in singles and what is one of our more popular brand with the crafters is the Folk Art Paint It comes in a waterbased Enamel, acrylic, marbling, glitter, extream glitter. Don’t let the crafters have all the fun with these paints. They have paints, like the Multi-surface that can go on glass, wood and metal! There are lots of youtube channels showing you how to use these paints.



10Posca pens

This is the perfect artists tool. The great thing about Posca, is that it is paint in a pen. It writes and colours on almost any surface. The paint in the pen is permanent depending on the surface. On glossy surfaces, it can be removed with a soap & water on a sponge. You can also varnish your work so it becomes weatherproof. This is versatile and unlike smelly sharpies is safe for children to use.





When it comes to acrylic paints I am not too loyal to brands but I am to colours. If for example, I would only use Winsor and newtons professional range, but ifIi was having trouble mixing a perfect colour i would definitely just go and find it regardless of the brand. paint is personal, if you like it and it works for you then you should buy it. There are also mediums you can add to thicken, thin add gloss and texture. Well, I hope you enjoy there is a lot more information on the products and you can always go on the Brands websites to see what tutorials and information they have there.

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