Crafty Christmas Window: Paul and his Posca Pens

This year we commissioned Paul a local artist to paint our Crafty Christmas window using is favourite Posca Pens. Paul is a regular customer of ours who is a sign painter and artists. His work is commissioned all over London, Kent Essex, Hertfordshire and further afield. We are more than thrilled with hill work but we thought you would like to see how this gorgeous piece of art came about. I am already sad that it is not a permanent feature and will have to come off before the new year. But that is the nature of window paintings, their beauty lasts as long as it is needed. We couldn’t wait to see what Paul and his Posca pens created for our Christmas Window.



The Craft Christmas Design

Paul was given a brief and a few images to work with but we wanted it to be his design. We knew our colour palette was going to be red, white and baby blue and would feature Mr Santa himself. Other than that Paul had complete freedom. he then planned what he was going to do. Measured out the window and started dividing the window up into sections. Planning is key to a large sign If I had done it you would guarantee that it would be squidged at one side or the words would have to get thinner!




Weather Conditions

We were super lucky. Although it was a bright sunny day the temperature was very cold and working outside was not very fun. We gave him lots of cups of coffee to warm him up but we were lucky. The day before had been torrential drizzle all day so he wouldn’t have been able to work on our window. The other poor conditions we had was the light! we are in winter now and from 4 onward we get a different light. although there was enough light to work with at 5.30 when Paul finished it was really dark outside!


Stage 3



We always talk about priming when it comes to most mediums and priming a window is equally important. First Paul marked out everything on the window. Then he applied an acrylic white base so that when he drew on top with the Poscas the colours would really pop! Our window cleaners may be busy in the new year but at least the effect will be amazing.



Adding Colour with Posca Pens

Now the fun part. This is when Paul starts to use his weapon of choice the Posca pen. They are bright and colourful. applying them to any surface is easy and with a bit of hard work they do wash off. You often see signs in cafes and pubs with chalk boards, this is often posca pens. Sometimes it will even be Pauls work!! The colours are bright and vivid and the lettering is absolutely gorgeous. We are having a very Crafty Christmas this year.



He also did the other window for us to frame the door.



It is amazing what Paul has achieved for us. The colours and look all go with our Crafty Christmas theme. It will take soap and a bit of elbow grease to come off but our window cleaner is already excited about giving it a go. Now all we need to do is make the shop a bit more Christmassy.

If you want to check out more of Pauls work then you can find him on Instagram @mr.artiste

If you wanted to have a go at sign writing/ painting at home then make sure you prime the area first so those colours pop. I would recommend you try it out first on paper first and you can always hold it up on the other side of the glass and draw directly from your drawing.

Hope you enjoyed.



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