Product Review: How to make your own Bath Bombs


I have always wondered how to make your own bath bomb. Using a kit I thought I would show you how successful and easy they are to make. As a mum of two very active boys, I don’t get a lot of time to myself. Having a bath is the only bit of relaxing I can do. Sweet smelling relaxing therapy that I all enjoy at home. Lets face it we all have hectic lives at times.

Bath bombs were first brought to my attention around 2 years ago whilst walking past a shop in Romford. I had walked past this shop so many times, always noticing how amazing it smelt from the outside and could only imagine how much better it smelt inside.  I went to explore and it was then that the amazing world of bath bombs came into my life. So when I was asked to do a product review on making my own bath bombs, I jumped at the chance.

As much as the bath bomb shops are lovely and sell amazing, bath bombs I find that they are quite expensive so I don’t often get to buy many. Looking further into the making of the bath bombs, I soon realised there is really not much to it at all and I could afford to buy this particular home making kit, making my own at half the cost.

  • Bath Bombe moulds or Christmas baubles
  • Bicarbonate powder
  • Citric acid powder
  • Colourants
  • Fragrance
  • Measuring scoop
  • Pipette
  • Mixing bag
  • Instructions


Step 1

I started with pouring the ingredients into a bowl. I mixed them together with my fingers to get out any little lumps. Then slowly adding a few drops of food colouring with a couple drops of citrus essence. It smelt lovely and refreshing.



Step 2

When adding the fragrance and colouring you will notice the mixture fizz slightly and this is a normal reaction. My hands turned a lovely smurf colour blue which entertained my children to no end. It did wash off easily afterwards. The mixture started to come together, but I needed to add a few drops of water to bring it to a grainy but flowing texture.



Step 3



Step 4

I then used plastic baubles that we had spare from Christmas to fill with the mixture. Over filling both sides is the trick at this stage and you will need to squeeze them together to get the clips to close on the baubles. I left them for a couple of minutes and then carefully took one side of the bauble off, then the other side. You are left with a perfectly formed bath bomb that you can leave to dry for an hour or so.





The satisfaction I got from making my own amazing bath bomb was great. I enjoyed every moment of making it and using it in my nice hot bath even more. There are so many more variations you can add to make even more incredible looking and smelling bath bombs. I made a pink glittery one where I just added fine glitter in with the mixture. This made my bath lovely and shimmery. Mason, my youngest suffers from eczema so I have made one with Shea Butter too which really helps soothe his skin when he is bathing. By adding the benefit of having a colourful bath using a bath bomb I made myself. Very satisfying!




So would I make bath bombs again?

I actually already have. I can’t believe how easy it is to make your own bath bombs. All in all, I would highly recommend this kit to anyone that love the joys of a relaxing bath. I will never pay a fortune for one again ( well may just as a treat). My friends and family may be receiving a few under the Christmas tree. If I haven’t used them all up that is!

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