Celebrating International Artists Day

Today is International Artist Day and if you haven’t ever heard of this day you are not alone. If you read on, we will tell you what it is and how you can participate.

So what is International Artist Day?

International Artist Day was founded by Chris MacClure, a Canadian artist who specializes in ‘Romantic Realism’ over a decade ago.

He created this day to bring recognition to the world of art, and to celebrate all the ways that artists bring their own special view to life. International artists day is an inclusive day to celebrate the greats and the everyman. If you like to draw paint create then this day is all about you. There is no snobbery here beginners and crafters alike can join together and take part in this.

Bill Newton Art

How you can Celebrate International Artist Day?

There are two ways you can celebrate International artist day:

  1. Support local artist
  2. Get creative

Or you can do both. If you buy a piece of art direct from an artist then this helps them create more art.  If you want to support your local artists now is the time to buy a painting, sculpture, craft piece and celebrate all the talent that is around you. Or if that artist offers a class why not attend? then you can learn from someone you admire.

Elle Smith Art

Use this day to help motivate you to get going on that art project, paint by numbers or craft that you have had in you head for ages. Being creative is in our blood, from interior design, clothes, architecture and pottery. If you’ve been looking for something to spruce up your home, then head out and find a unique piece that will bring life and personality.

If you have never had an art lesson then why not look around your local community and see what they have to offer. You will be surprised how many creative people and artists are in your community. Trying a new art form will test you but hopefully, you will thoroughly enjoy it and have something to show at the end.

Terry Fiffe

Other ways to celebrate

Museums and Art Galleries can be another way to celebrate this day. Visit your local galleries and support local artists or if you a fancy a trip to the big cities then most art galleries are free and you can enjoy what they have to offer.

Tech-savvy social mediaites will be filling there Instagram and Facebook with their favourite piece of art or favourite artists.

All the images today are taken from our local artists, our customers, friends and tutors.

Thank you

Tony Trimmer

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