Crafting for Christmas: Getting Organised for Christmas the crafty way

I know,  you may think it is far too soon to think about Christmas crafting. But now is the time that crafters start planning the rest of the year. If you sell your wares then you need to start making now so your stock is ready for end of September.

The idea of thick jumpers and hot drinks offers me no comfort during this heatwave. Imagining all the snow and rain paints a big grin on my face. After the terribly long drawn out winter we have had this year, you would think we would appreciate the heat a little bit more…. Maybe not. Knitting feels like a hobby that can wait for the cooler months but already we have seen an increase of wool and yarn requests!

Christmas is most retailers and crafters busiest times of the year. People want personalised one-off gifts. Nothing beats a creative present that you can’t buy anywhere else. We are becoming a nation of thoughtful givers rather than mass consumerism which here at Crafty Arts we applaud.

Brits love to talk about the weather but this is about crafting.

Jingle Bells

Why Start Now

Firstly, I am not saying that you need to start crafting right this second. Online and in our little shop we have already had a lot of card makers in planning their Christmas cards. A homemade card can take a few hours when you have to consider the planning as well as the execution. Also, if you bulk make things you can get your own production line going.

There are a few reasons to plan ahead and start making them now:

  • Christmas stock starts selling from the end September so your stock needs to be ready for when the kids go back to school. It gives parents the time to start buying bits
    Christmas materials sell out of stock over October time. So, getting in early means that you can get your stock on time without having to contact multiple suppliers to find it. Last year we sold out of red pom poms. There were many Rudolph without their red noses.
  • You are competing with schools and clubs who will want the same materials as you but for a different reason. Be confident and stock up on stock beforehand.
    Time management, it doesn’t matter if you are selling Christmas crafts or artwork. You don’t want to be scrabbling around trying to make stock right up into Christmas Eve. Ideally, you should be all sold a week before Christmas. So, you can put your feet up and eat a mince pie and relax.



We are prepared

A lot of our Christmas Crafting is already in stock we try really hard not to run out of pom poms, Decopatch reindeers, fillable decorations and polystyrene balls but every year we do. Most times we can’t get it in before Christmas because the supplier is out of stock.

Now is also the time to make requests. If you know exactly what you want, then email the customer service team, they will speak to the buyers and they can order your stock in for you now. How is that for organisation!

All crafters and artist love what we do! Earning a living from being creative is tricky especially when there are a lot of people out there competing with you. So we know that every year we have to do something a bit different. Add a bit more sparkle or them it around current trends.

I am going to leave you now so you can start planning for the next few months. I will be dreaming of the cold winter months or just eating ice cream at my desk.

Bye for now




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