Getting Organised for Back to School: Bullet Journaling for Parents

We are now in August and it’s almost time for the kids to go back to school. I am going to talk about getting organised for back to school, a guide to Bullet journaling for parents. Lots of parents are probably ready for them to start their new term. The little ones probably want it to go on forever. To some of you,  feel like it already has gone on for too long.


Organisation is not just for them but for you too. We know that you are the key to getting them to school, completing homework and generally being happy healthy kids!

You are already a superhero, please don’t put any more pressure on yourself. You got them to this point, didn’t you?

I love my bullet journal. It helps me stay organised and juggle a million things at once, it is made up of lists of weekly plans, monthly goals and all events that you need to create.

For you, this doesn’t need to be elaborate. It can be the simplest format. You can even download free cute templates from the internet. Just print them out and stick them in.

You can get the children involved in updating it and if you have more than one then colour coding helps. If you love colouring in well wait till you discover bullet journaling. It will help you keep track of everything, homework, clubs when you need to have their PE kits ready.

If you are already really tech savvy then you probably don’t need a bullet journal but if you love writing lists then welcome to my world.

Getting Organised

Bullet Journal

Start basic, mainly because if you don’t like it then you don’t want to waste money. You will need a notebook in whatever form you like, plain, squares, dots lines, each page different it doesn’t matter. Just pick up a notebook and start planning. I am going to recommend that you don’t go bigger than A5. You want something small enough to fit in your bag that you can carry everywhere without being a burden. I now have a regular organiser and a wedding one both A5. Normally I would put all the information in one place, however, I use up a journal pretty quickly so I don’t want to transfer the information over.


If you love stationary then you will be in heaven I promise you. When I started I bought a ridiculous amount of pens and now I just a use a good fine liner and a few Tombows. Gel pens are also great as they are bright and colourful but you may already have pens you love. Use them first, see what works on the paper of your notepad.  You can get out your favourite fine liners, coloured pens and high lighters. Use them to decorate and highlight the week. Get your children to pick a colour and use that to highlight their activities and home works.

Tapes, stickers and all that jazz

You don’t really need this but if you like to decorate then this really is the fun bit. You can really go to town on this. I find that the more effort I put into mine the more I look forward to putting more into it. But the months that I just am to busy it goes back to bare basics. As long as it functions then I am super happy.

Ryder Carroll is the guy that started it. It is basic system and you can apply it everything. My bullet journal has grown so much from this simple video.

Getting Started on Your Bullet Journal

Key- create your key now you can create your own but I find keeping it simple is definitely the easiest way to keep track of things. The idea that it will help you and your kids get organised and stay on top of everything.

Abbreviations and keys can help with speed and being prepared at a glance.

I am going to recommend that you don’t try to organise your whole year in one go. I have broken it down into four months. This way you can plan up until Christmas. That way you can organise, birthdays, half term and Christmas.

Leave a space below each month so if you have any events or planning to schedule you can put that info in. Another reason not to cram a whole year in one go is that you want to create achievable goals. Me I take two minutes at the start of every day to write what I hope to achieve in bullet point list. If I do more I add it to the list. If I just need a reminder to pick up dog food I will jot it down.

Trackers and Planning

My bullet journal isn’t private. It is my work and my life organised in its pages. If people want to see what I am working on its all in there. It is not a diary although lots of people use it like that. You can adapt it however you like. You could have a page every month dedicated to Homework and track your children’s grades on it.

It is up to you how you curate and organise your bullet journal.

After you have broken down your next four months you want to write a simple line account for the month. Here is where you do a quick overview of the month. Pop in Birthdays events, sleepovers playdates. You plan it and organise it. If your partner is picking up the kids then write a note after all you will all be using this. Keep it simple and keep your notes up to date

Getting Organised for Back to School can be fun

Well for bullet journal obsessives like me it is. I love opening a new planner. I always buy them a month or two before I need them so I can start planning the first few pages. It is important not to skip ahead and fill out your pages as you need this to be organic. If you want to write out the whole month just make sure you leave some pages for Notes, to do lists whatever you want.

My first bullet journal was a mix match of pretty images and lists of things to do. I was beautiful but not very practical. It doesn’t have to be perfect, I am still not happy with my bullet journal looks wise but I do love how practical it is. I am literally lost without it.

Why I started Bullet Journaling

Bullet journaling helped me because I just couldn’t organise my days. If I would start a project and I would start another without completing it. If I  had several projects on the go at once  I would get stressed. I would write lists on random bits of paper and them promptly lose them. Because of my dyspraxia, I don’t like organised on technology. Filling in my online timetable would take time and I would never look at it. Paper works for me, holding something in my hand and physically writing lists and ticking off projects works for me.

Some weeks I will sit down and dedicate time to planning and write out my pages beautifully. Then other times I am scrawling notes or lits in it. I use it to plan my days, draw illustrations and organise my year. My preference for notepads is the  Leuchturm A5 notebook and this usually lasts me 6months before I fill it up. I tend to plan at the front and write notes and random bits at the back. Pinterest is a wealth of knowledge and images inspiration. If you are stuck for ideas check out our Pinterest pages.

I can’t explain how much this journalling process has helped me.

What it can do for you

It really doesn’t have to be work to organise your bullet journal. It just needs to be simple. If you want to go crazy with it at washi tape and stickers then go for it. If you want the kids to help you with it then we encourage it. You can explore this method of organisation and it works for you even better. I love the simplicity of this idea: a notebook and pen.

Simple formats that help you stay organised are key to this!

I hope you found this helpful. Get in touch and let us know what you use I would love to hear from you. If you are a fellow bullet journal obsessive then get in touch!

Bye for Now

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