Why Should you Book your Kids Parties at Crafty Arts?

Did you know that we host a kids parties at Crafty Arts, we run a series of different creative birthday parties? We can create whatever your child desires from jungles to magical places. We set up the room depending on your chosen theme and the room is yours for two hours. The tutor will be with you for 1.5hrs and then you have half an hour to eat. I generally set up all the rooms as well as host a fair few of the parties but sometimes other tutors come in and help me out.

Why book your kids party at Crafty Arts?

  • We really do cater to your child’s preferences
  • Our tutors can adapt to situations quickly
  • We have great creative party bags
  • We can be flexible with your theme
  • Limited amount of attendees so you don’t have to invite the whole class
  • We don’t charge you for the guests that don’t turn up!
  • You don’t have to clean up the mess afterwards!
  • Our tutors are all CRB DBS checked

You can arrange the timings however you would like them. Although we don’t provide food there are a few favourites around here, we have had MacDonalds, KFC and pizza or if you prefer to bring in homemade food then you can. If you have any questions just drop me an email or call us on 02079935479 and we will be able to help.

The price also contains our amazing party bags. They are normally personalised and each one will have different content.

With the exception of the painting party, I normally divide the time into two make different crafts. This means if you want to cut the cake or eat you can have a little break halfway through your time.

Prices are all listed on the Creative Hub’s Crafty Arts Craft Parties.



Painting Party 5 Plus

We couldn’t have a party without getting a bit arty.

The room is set up as an art studio and we cater this party to the age of the child. Younger ones prefer to work with stencils and images to get an idea of how their picture is going to look.  Whereas older children may prefer to draw from life. We can adapt to favourite themes! This is a fairly messy party suitable for all ages so we do encourage you to dress them in old clothes as sometimes the aprons don’t cover everything.





Super Hero Party 5 plus

We have had turtles, generic superheroes, Spiderman and Batman. Here, for example, we have run completely different parties for each Superhero party. We generally start with decorating a creature or letter with comic strips then spend the afternoon making masks. But we have also run one with mask making in the first half and superhero cuffs with party games for little ones!







Jewellery Making Party 7 plus

In this party, the children create the box first and let it dry then they make necklaces and bracelets you can keep inside the boxes. Decopatching is a great way to decorate these gorgeous jewellery boxes, we do this first so that the boxes have time to dry. We use beads and charms in this party so the children will need good threading skills. There are always lots of charms and beads to choose from so the kids will be spoilt for choice.

We would recommend this party for 7 plus just because of the fiddly beading.




Mad Science Party 7 Plus

This is a party full of experiments, from ballon raising, building structures and team building games.

This one is definitely a messy one perfect for the child who wants something a bit different for a party. We have run this party a few times now and the children really get to think about what they are doing and how they are going to achieve it. This is a party for thinkers, science lovers and mini Einsteins!





Flower Fairy Garden and Unicorns Parties 5 Plus

So even though these are two very different parties I have just grouped them together for their cuteness. In the flower fairies flower garden is most popular in winter! this is because the winter babies never get a garden party so here at Crafty Arts, we create it for them. They make fairy wands and flower headdresses!

In the unicorn party we Decopatch a unicorn using pretty magical papers this usually takes around 45 minutes and the outcomes are always beautiful. After the cake cutting, we make some very personalised unicorn headbands I cant tell you how cute they all look with unicorn horns and ears that they have put together! Thrown together with a bit of glitz and sparkle we end up with a super happy party.




Harry Potter Inspired Party 7 Plus

Okay, I am a Potterhead.

This is maybe my favourite party as I love hearing all the children talking about their favourite characters and which film is there favourite. Wizards Witches and Muggles are all welcome. In this party, we make very cute Sorting Hats. You don’t have to stick with traditional colours if you don’t want to, we have purple hats and bright red sorting hats. the children create the faces of the hat and then paint them.  If there is enough time you can create your very own wand.

Go Hufflepuff!





Princess and Knights Party 5 Plus

We all know a little princess in our lives.

This sweet party will be perfect for them. Here we decorate crown money boxes with gorgeous Decopach papers to get started and then make some medieval cones or crowns as the second project. The children get to design and decorate there headpiece so they go home with two crafts. We decorate the room in your favourite colours and a giant crown is suspended from the centre of the room.





Jungle Decopatch 5 Plus

OH, we had fun decorating this one. we transformed the room into a jungle with trees and leaves. the children have a choice of jungle/ exotic animals that we decorated. We then spent the second half decorating the masks of the birthday boy/ girls favourite animal. The room looked so cool we left it up for the majority of the summer.


So How do you Book Your Party?

For all of our parties, we provide all the materials so all you need to do it turn up and enjoy it and don’t forget the cake! Normally we say the smallest class is 6 to 12 children. The maximum children we have had was 14 but if you have a few more children it will be worth asking if we can squeeze a few more in.

  • First, you will need to get in contact and see if your preferred date is available
  • Book your time slot
  • Saturdays 10-12pm, 11-1pm or 12-2pm and weekdays we can do any time the last party is 4-6pm perfect for after school
  • Then you will need to Pay the deposit ideally a month before the party the deposit is roughly half the payment
  • If you want to change the party theme completely it is a £20 setup fee
  • Two weeks before the party we will ask for a list of names so we can personalise the gift bags
  • Then you pay on the day, we never charge you for the kids who may not turn up
  • After the party, you take your happy child away and we clean up!

We have had so many lovely compliments about how great are parties are. We love hearing the feedback from the parents and the kids themselves. That they are a bit different and really cater to their preferences. We can create anything for you here. So, if you have had a party here get in touch, and if you are thinking of having a party here we would love to host it!

Hope to speak to you soon


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