How to Cool off from the heat during the Summer with Crafty Arts

Here are some great steps of how to cool off from the heat the summer.

We are in a heatwave and we are all dreaming of cooling down. So here at Crafty Arts, we thought we would share with you some ideas on how to cool off this during glorious summer.

Let’s just start with the most practical one and that is, drink lots of water and stay hydrated at all times. Fainting is common during a heatwave so the shade is your friend! We should not be going any wear without a bottle of water on us.

Image Source Crafty Arts Popsicle Pool Inflatable Float

Jump in the Pool

Oh yes, I know when we are stuck at work we can’t do this but at the weekend you can. Lidos have never been so popular, go early or late in the day to get a quiet pool! We are loving this cute popsicle float from Intex. Perfect for chilling in the pool and for cooling off!

For your little ones, a paddling pool will also be great fun for them. Just make sure they have plenty of shade and are watched at all times.  This little pool has a little roof to protect their delicate skin.

Image Source Crafty Arts Mushroom Baby Pool

Eat an Ice Cream

Maybe not so slimming friendly although there are lots of waist-friendly ice creams and lollies out there. Swap your normal fizzy drink or cup of tea for a nice cold ice cream. In our Crafty Arts HO, we always have a freezer drawer full of ice lollies and creams so we can cool off. Try and introduce cold snacks to your day.


Garden and Houseplants Care

This weather is not the best for us but there are others who cope less and that is our pets and plants.

Before they impose a hosepipe ban make sure your plants are thoroughly looked after. Best time to water them is first thing in the morning or last thing at night. If you do it in the middle of the day the water may evaporate before it gets to the plants’ roots. So don’t be wasteful.

Houseplants will need to be monitored as well. This harsh sun can cause scorching to the leaves and foliage. Monitor the leaves and check the soil. You may have to offer your houseplants a less sunny spot. If their soil is dry then top up with water but try not to over water!

Image Source Crafty Arts Flamingo Watering Can



Birds and the Bees

These creatures need food and water, especially in the heat. Make sure the bird baths are topped up with fresh water. As for the bees, you can always make them a sugary drink made from 2 parts sugar and 1 part water. Make sure they have something to rest on like pebbles or leaves so they don’t drown!

Image Source Crafty Arts 3 Port Peckish Seed & Nyjer Feeder


Your Pets

I have a cat and a dog and although my cat is coping fine she is a sun bunny. My poor little dog is not himself. I make sure that they have enough water every day. Both my pets love ice cream which is not the best for either of them. I went in search of pet specific ice creams for our furry friends.

I have found a dog-friendly ice cream. make sure it has natural ingredients that won’t harm your four-legged friend.

D.I.Y Cool Treats


  • ½ cup Peanut butter
  • 450 mls Natural live yogurt
  • 2 Banana

You just mash it up and freeze into an ice cube tray then dish it out as a cooling treat. Humans can eat them too, Frank loves them, but he will eat anything!



  • Tuna
  • Water

You basically dilute the tuna in a water and again turn them into ice cubes. Now obviously tuna isn’t the best for cats if you give them too much of it but as a nice cooling treat, it is perfect. Dividing them into ice cube trays also make them a perfect portion. Or you could just divide and freeze their wet food!

My little dog also has a cool coat which you soak in water to talk him for a walk but at the moment he is just having one walk in the morning.


Back to You

After all that work looking after your kids, the birds and the bees and your pets. It’s time to have some TLC and jump in the hot tub!

Just don’t turn the heat on or keep it low. Heaven.



Or if you are feeling really generous let the whole family in!

Have fun this summer, wear sunscreen, cover up, stay in the shade and stay hydrated and we will all get through this.


Even if you use one or two of these steps I’m sure that it will help you and the family to cool off from the heat during the Summer .

Bye for now

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