How to Make Your Own Fairy House using Fimo Polymer Clay

Here I show you step by step instructions on making a fairy house using Fimo that can live outside in your garden.

We are running this workshop in the summer so if you would like some guidance then please come and join in or just have a try at home! The truth is it was so simple and could have been even simpler if I didn’t blend all my own colours. This is definitely a lovely afternoon activity and you can easily get the kids involved. This is the absolute first time I am attempted to create fairy house so I do make lots of mistakes.

Difficulty: Easy but time consuming

Time: 2hrs minimum.

You will need:

  • A jar
  • Fimo polymer clay
  • Kitchen foil
  • Rolling pin
  • Clean mat to work on
  • Some modelling tools (I didn’t actually use anything but a knife)


We are also hosting a Summer Workshop where you get the chance to create this house, which you can book for here.



Fimo is so lovely to use but you need to make sure you work on a clean surface. I use a nice piece of paper that I have laminated. As long as I don’t cut it I can reuse it for all my clay projects. You will have to excuse my jars, they are old paint jars that I have used for acrylics and I just cant get clean anymore.

First Step

My first step would be to sketch a quick idea of where you want your windows and door. I decided to give my fairy house its own little fairy door. You will see this on the finished product. My very old jar didn’t have a lid, but I didn’t mind as I just fashioned one out of tin foil. I made it an oversized cone and just wrapped more foil around it till I got the desired shape.


Second Step

I take the lid off and pop it aside, then I condition my clay. This just means playing with it until it gets soft and more malleable. I had a lot of colours left so rather than cracking open my greys I decided to start creating my own colours. You will see a few pinky and a few greeny coloured stones.

The first thing you need to attach is the doors and windows.

Step Three

For the doors I just mixed some reddy brown colours together and then when I liked the shade I rolled them into a long sausage. The sausage was only 3-4 millimetres wide so when I squished it down it looked like wood.



I joined up six small planks of wood and then popped one across the top and bottom. Just like a mini door. For me this is not about being perfect and I could have spent ages putting lots and lots of detail in the panels. But as this was my first try at making a fairy house I didn’t mind. I finished it off with a gold glittery knob. You can make your door any shape you like. Or you could even put I tiny window in it. I made cute circular windows with the sausage method and made a cross in the middle. It stuck to the glass really well I didn’t have to press to firmly.

Step Four



I gave my door a nice dark slab of marble as my fairy lives in quite a nice house! I place my windows where I wanted them (they are all odd shapes and at different heights, and I don’t mind.) I then added the same wood effect around the bottom of the jar because my jar is quite rounded.


Step Five

Making the rocks. I wasn’t very organised with this, I just made them when I needed them. I rolled lots of little balls in lots of shades of grey building it up until I had filled it all in. This is the most time-consuming part and you must make sure the rocks are slightly over lapping. I am sure that I could have done them a lot quicker by making a long sausage and cutting them up. I really like how organic the rocks look so although it took a while I am happy with the results.



Step 6

The roof. Now I had beautiful Christmas red clay and I just wanted a lovely contrast to add to my fairy house. I rolled out the clay to make it is nice and soft about an inch wide at the bottom and used my knife to slice it up into tile. You can use a blunt wooden tool if the children are helping. These again are all different shapes. I want it to look misshapen and higgledy-piggledy. So, I just started at the bottom and worked my way round. You have to make sure that the clay is all attached. Other wise when you bake it will all come off.



Step Seven

The chimney, again this was an afterthought. I should have planned this a whole lot better so I know that my next one will not take as much time as this to make, Yes, I will be making more of these. My garden definitely needs one and it will be nice to have a few different examples of these to show the children in the summer time. For the chimney I used a piece of black clay. Conditioned it so it was nice and soft.





I shaped it into a long rectangle, then cut the end at an angle. Then placed it on top of my tile. I covered it in small brown rocks to make it look like a chimney. Then I continued wrapping the tiles all around it. As I got to the top I made the tiles a bit smaller and when I reached the very top I squished them all together and made a cute point.



Step Eight

The baking is the most crucial part. Place the fairy house on a foil sheet. Do not pre heat the oven. When cooking glass, you need to make sure that the oven starts the same temperature as the glass then heats up at the same rate as the Fimo. IF you put the glass into a hot oven it can shatter and all your hard work will go in the bin. We are not cooking anything for too long so we shouldn’t have any issues.


I put it on 110 for 30 minutes in a fan oven I checked it at twenty minutes and it seemed fine. So, I let it cook the full time. You will need to check the instructions but by the time you read this they may have changed the times and heat so please check with the packet you have.


Step Nine

Leave to cool. Fimo and any polymer clay hardens as it cools. You will find out if there were any issues then. I noticed when I got them out that my tin foil lid is going to show so I painted it a dark brown when it cooled down.




Okay I am over the moon with my little fairy house. I want to try and make some mini ones out of the tiny breakfast jars. I am going to place a battery tealight inside and watch it flicker. The next day I made another fairy house this time using a smaller jar and made the roof with clay leaves. The finish and detail are much better but that is. You can see that I have learned from my mistakes and for speed I will be used a grey Fimo.

I hope you enjoyed, please send me pictures if you make your own fairy jar.

If you want to come to our summer workshops we have limited spacing.

See you in the summer


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