Cupcake Day Alzheimer’s awareness: United Against Dementia

Did you know that dementia is the biggest killer in the UK?

We are supporting them to help raise awareness. Alzheimer’s Research UK has called for urgent action to be taken following the news reports recently and their aim is to double the dementia research funding over the next five years. This is something we are passionate about at Crafty Arts.

On the 14th of June Alzheimer’s Society is raising awareness in the form of Cupcake Day and we want you to help!

“Dementia may be the biggest killer in the UK today, but research has the power to stop this from being the case in the future. For too long, funding for dementia research has lagged behind other serious health conditions. Today’s news must act as a catalyst for urgently-needed action to boost investment in cutting-edge dementia science and take advantage of the UK’s strengths in medical research.”



Alzheimer’s disease is an awful progressive condition. The symptoms develop gradually over many years and eventually become more severe. There is no cure and with the lack of funds means that there has been limited research on it and this has got to change.

As I write this a family member has been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s. He is already hallucinating and is getting confused. His daughter was dreading going to the doctors to get it confirmed but she had to and he has it. The hallucination stories are becoming scary and worrisome. His car keys have been confiscated in case he causes an accident. Recognition of family members and day to day things takes him longer and longer. We are worried and concerned.

 Isolation is happening on both sides of our family. I feel that this is a common occurrence with dementia patients. The feeling of uselessness for all of us and not wanting to make it worse by stressing him out.

You feel useless and so does the person who is suffering because they do not understand what is happening to them.

Then we get frustrated because it is one of the biggest killers in this country but it doesn’t have enough awareness.

Alzheimer’s doesn’t have enough financial support and there is not enough research happening to help find a cure.

But then we weren’t aware until it affected us?


We should all be United Against Dementia

After all, in the not so distant future, it may be us that suffers from it.


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We all know about the Macmillan coffee morning. It is a month in September where we all try and raise funds for a good cause.

Now is the time to get involved in Cupcake Day. You can have a cupcake morning or afternoon with a cup of tea, coffee or whatever grabs you fancy? You can host them at work or at your home as this is a cause that needs to be pushed and suitably funded. Our Crafty Arts family will be scoffing a lot of cupcakes in the name of charity. The wedding diet may have to go on hold for one day.

“It’s a shock and a shame to find out that funding for the research is only three per cent of that which goes to find cancer cures. Perhaps that is why, for example I know three people who have successfully survived brain tumours but no-one who has beaten Alzheimer’s…”  Sir Terry Pratchett

Trying to raise awareness in our creative environment was a little tricky. We are having our own little coffee morning but how could we get creative about Alzheimer’s with our After School Club. We bought a selection of cupcakes for the children to draw. It was a still life so to speak and yes, of course, they got to eat them.

The children’s images will be put up on our social media to raise more awareness. I hope you enjoy their pictures.



Care givers at West Rand have this quote in their heads;


“The Dementia patient isn’t giving you a hard time:

 the dementia patient is having a hard time.”


If you would like to donate please click the link to the Alzheimer’s Society and donate directly.


Every penny counts

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