I ordered Letraset ProMarker pens but have been sent Winsor and Newton: What’s The Difference?

What happens when you order one thing, like the Letraset ProMarker pens but you get sent Winsor and Newton ProMarkers instead? Don’t worry, you have been sent the correct pens.

Winsor and Newton have bought Letraset, so they are now one and the same. ProMarker pens are now branded with the Winsor and Newton name, but ProMarker’s unparalleled quality, 148 colour-range and colour-coding system will all stay the same. Illustrators, artists, card makers and beginners all love ProMarker for their bend ability.letraset promarker

Image Source: Winsor and Newton




Who Uses ProMarker pens?

The uses for ProMarker pens are as endless as they are varied.  You can use them for architectural, product or Interior Design Rendering, Manga and Comic Book Art, Crafting, Stamping, Drawing & Sketching, Fashion Illustration and customising shoes and clothes. Only you create the limits.

Winsor and Newton didn’t want to change a thing, and why would they. The tips are exactly the same as are the inks inside.  You use the widest flat edge for rendering large areas of colour and edges and the tip for narrower strokes.  For fine detail use the smaller bullet nib at the other end.

As for the colours, the pigments and saturation are exactly the same. Winsor and Newton ProMarker pens simply have brand new packaging on them.


winsor and newton promarker

Image Source: Winsor and Newton

Tips For Using ProMarker

  • If you want to get a nice even coverage with no streaks then go over your strokes twice. This will make for smoother, bolder and more dramatic illustrations.
  • Always work from light to dark: By laying down your light colours first then overlay the darker colours. This will give the appearance of shading and allows for better blending.
  • If you overlay a colour on dried ink it will produce distinct areas of tone. If you overlay on to wet ink will give you softer blends.
  • Play with surfaces, marker paper is thin but it wont bleed on to the next page, Bristol board is thick and smooth, thick watercolour can create beautiful effects but it may bleed over the lines but you may like the effect.
  • Make your own colour chart, this way you can create a chart of colours you like using rather than just collecting the entire series. Although if you are a stationery addict, you will want them all any way.



letraset promarker

winsor and newton promarker

Image Source: Winsor and Newton


We thought you may like a snazzy clip to show you the difference.





















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