5 Fun Rock Painting Ideas To Brighten Up Your Garden

Craft rocks! And quite literally, in this case. Rock painting is a fun and easy craft to get stuck into now the spring has arrived, and painted rocks are great for brightening up the garden. It’s also one of the most affordable crafts, as all you need is some paint brushes and paints. And the rocks? Well, you can find those anywhere! If that’s not a great excuse for a spring trip to the beach or a walk through the woods then we don’t know what is.

Rock Painting: What You’ll Need

The Paints – All kinds of craft paints, water-based paints and acrylic paints will work well for rock painting. You can also use paint markers for adding extra fine detailing, as this combines the texture of paint with the precision of a fine-tipped pen. Don’t forget to protect your clothes and surfaces before you start!

The Brushes – If you’ve decided on the traditional paint and brush method then don’t be tempted to use your expensive fine art brushes for this task. The rough surface of the rocks will wear away your bristles, so opt for the small, stiff-bristle paint brush sets that you’re not precious about. Slightly larger, flat brushes are good for painting large surfaces of your rocks, while the smaller, pointed brushes are ideal for fine detail.

The Rocks – Take a walk around the neighbourhood, in the local stream or on the beach and look for smooth-surfaced, rounded pebbles and stones. Make sure you’re allowed to take the stones, though, as some national parks and protected areas prohibit the removal of any natural object. Wash and scrub with warm soapy water and pat dry before you start painting, as this will give you a nice smooth surface to work on.

Not got time to go rock hunting? Not to worry! You can buy small bags of pebbles from most garden centres.

Extra BitsUse Mod Podge gloss or other types of sealers to give your rocks a glossy finish and protect them from the outdoor elements. A pack of googly eyes never goes amiss either, just in case you’re planning to create some adorable rock critters.

Let’s Rock!

Here are five fantastic rock painting ideas to get you started:

1. Fruity Rocks

rock painting ideas strawberriesImage source: hodgepodgecraft

Add a burst of summer to your garden with a sprinkling of fruity rocks like these super cute rock strawberries. Try and gather as many ‘strawberry shaped’ rocks – preferably with one end narrower than the other – and start layering up your colours. For these you will need red, two shades of green (one darker, one lighter), black and white. You will have to be patient and let your rocks dry between colours or you’ll end up with some very off-looking fruit. You can find a full step-by-step tutorial here. Why not also try making citrus fruits or fruit slices for a really summery garden rock collection?


2. Painted Rock Snakes

rock painting ideas rock snakeImage source: iheartcraftythings

Add some colourful critters to your garden like these fun rock snakes. These are fantastic projects to do with the kids over the spring, as each child can decorate their own rock. This example uses paint markers for the patterns, plus googly eyes and a piece of red felt for the tongue. And the best thing about these rock snakes is that you can make them as long as you want and let them snake all the way around the garden – perfect for keeping the kids entertained even longer. Find directions on how to make rock snakes here.


3. Rock Veg Garden Markers

rock painting ideas vegetablesImage source: westvalleymomsblog

If you’ve got a vegetable patch then boy have we got the craft project for you! These veg garden markers look fantastic AND they’re super useful for keeping track of what’s been planted where. You’ll need to do a bit of hunting for rock shapes to suit each vegetable type, but that’s the only tricky part. Then simply draw on your design and fill it with colour before writing on the name of your veg. Paint pens are especially useful for this last bit as you can control your handwriting much more easily than you can with a brush. Find the full tutorial here.


4. Rock Cactus Pots

rock painting ideas cactusImage source: forcreativejuice

If you’re a menace for killing plants (even cacti) then you’ll love this next rock painting craft idea. Super simple yet incredibly effective, these rock cactus pots are the ideal solution if you struggle keeping plants alive. All you need are a few of flat, curved rocks ( preferably different lengths), your paints and a plant pot. White paint pens are the best option here for adding the fine cactus prickle detailing. Once they’re dry, simply arrange them in your pot using more smaller pebbles and gravel as anchorage and pop them in your garden. You’ll find the full tutorial on how to make them here.


5. Ladybird Rocks

rock painting ladybirdsImage source: craftsbyamanda

No garden is complete without a few bugs, and these painted ladybird rocks are the cutest little critters around. Another great activity to try with the kids, this is a really easy design to recreate even for the littlest hands. They can have fun playing with colours and patterns, and you can swap out the painted eyes for googly ones. Once they’re painted and varnished these will make fabulous garden decorations to brighten up your outdoor space. Or why not try hiding them around the garden for a little game of hunt the ladybird with the kids? Find the full tutorial here.


We’d love to see your rock painting projects and ideas. Share your creations with us over on our Facebook and Twitter pages, or tag us on Instagram using @craftyartsuk. Have fun!

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