The Perfect DIY Wedding Planning Advice for Crafty Brides

Planning is vital when it comes to weddings and I would definitely class myself as a DIY Crafty bride.

Not sure where to start planning your DIY wedding? I talked to a lot of people about weddings. Our families are great and are not expecting us to invite cousins and their friends. That we have little or no relationship with etc.

Over the years I have heard horror stories of parental pressure to invite people you barely know. I am going to say it again, this is your day. If they are contributing to the cost then maybe allocate them a few seats but this is your day.

A good place to start is to list your family you want there and work from there.

 It is so exciting, everyone is congratulating you, you have lunches, dinners and drinks and bubbles coming out of your ears. You have called all your nearest and dearest and you have changed your social status to Engaged.

Now breathe……

Take some time for just the two of you. I gave my fiancé two weeks of not talking about the wedding and just absorbed the love and happiness we felt.

So, as I am typing this I am going through the same emotions as you are, and you go through all of them.

Love, frustration, stress, disappointment and dare I say anger? Firstly, you scoff at elopements and when the first family member says something insensitive you understand why elopement is such a great idea. All these emotions will surprise you and will come from places that you didn’t think would. I have been secretly planning my wedding for the last 5 Years and knew exactly what I wanted until he asked me to marry him and all those ideas went out the window.


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A DIY wedding is all about you two and what you want. Although you need to be considerate to family and friends the truth is if they truly love you then they will just enjoy the day as much as you will.

Sitting down and talking about a budget is not fun. But you are about to marry this person so you need to be able to talk about everything and it can be tricky. Especially when you have two very different ideas of how to plan a budget.

Myself and Gavin had two very different ideas on budget. but when it came to the type of wedding, we were on the same page. We agreed that we wanted it to be personal and fun. We are were not going to get into debt for it. So we are going to save up and if we get any monetary gifts on the way then brilliant.

It is a lot of effort for one day, one magical day, so try not to stress too much about it. In my case, we have set a date for two years’ from now. My H.T.B (Husband To Be) found a venue that we both fell in love with. It was a little over our budget but M.I.L (Mother In Law) convinced us. We can pull back on other things and we have worked it around from there. Plus, it is me, I am going to make as much as I can, I have been to hundreds of weddings, so I’m going to steal all my favourite bits from my friends and family’s weddings.

Our DIY Wedding Planning Tips



Create an email account that is just for weddings. Every time you get a quote it will fill up your email and don’t forget they may pass on your information, to other companies.

Give your partner the account information so all quotes and information is in one place.  It means if you enter any competitions (we won a case of Gin) you can use that.

Putting all your information in one place is key to being organised with a DIY wedding. I have tried a few apps (no thanks) tried other checklists but they include things I won’t be having/ including. Whether this is digital or an old-fashioned note book having everything to hand is great.

I love my wedding bullet journal as I get to write all my lists in one place. All my questions that pop into my head get to go to into my beloved pages. I can flick back and forth add and cross out. I can lay out a time frame of when things need to get done.  They key to being organised it getting the big things out the way first, your venue, photographer and caterer get booked up so quickly, there are 52 Saturdays in a year. The rest can wait a little longer but the sooner you book, the more you can relax closer to the day (yeah right). If you want to make your own bullet journal check out my bullet journal blog to give you some inspiration.


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This is your best DIY wedding resource. From handy men, crafty friend’s, florists (thanks Mum and Bridesmaids) cake makers, caterers. People don’t like to ask for help even if you have offered it, well I am not making that mistake.

My mother is a florist and card maker so she is popping over to help put them all together. Now you may not have a team of people who are hands on. But you may  also know friends of friends that can help.

Your married friends will have a wealth of knowledge of what they wished they had done differently. Whether it was researching the photographer to cutting costs that no one used. I can’t tell you how many times I have asked friends about costings normally things like my hair makeup artist wants £200, does this sound right?

I love giant letters, my house is adorned with our initials. From the hooks on the backs of our doors to candles and prints around our house. Every time I see something I like I am shocked at the price, sometimes mortified at the price.

My new train of thought is, if I don’t want to spend the time making it, how much is it to buy over hiring and can I sell it on? Most of the time the answer is yes. So, if you do have to invest in small table top easels to put your table numbers then I am pretty sure someone will want to buy them in bulk too and probably sell them on! If not do you know someone who can make them for you at a better price, check out your local tradesmen you may be surprised what people can do.


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The internet is your best friend. You can see what you are getting, see reviews from strangers who aren’t trying to sell you anything. Ask for lots of quotes with just an email. Brilliant.

Pinterest is your new best friend, I bought one magazine and haven’t bought any since, it was so disappointing. Blogs have been my favourite source of inspiration. Bost guest remember the food and entertainment more than anything else.

I have two years so I plan on making a lot of things myself, probably too much. I have already bought bits for the table plan even though I haven’t sent out the invitations yet. So important things like photography, videography need a lot of research . Always meet them before you book them, you want these to be professional to be friendly and also semi invisible.

Note: If you don’t like them you shouldn’t hire them. However it goes both ways, a rapport is so essential in this line of work.

Food from cake to the meals, you need to try them before hand. Sample menus, cake tasting, this is the fun bit and often comes with a glass of champagne. If you have chosen or planning to choose a hotel, some venues will treat you to a nights stay as a taster. Me and Gavin have always known that our cake will come from Konditor and Cook, it is our favourite cake shop, they do cake tasting and we are really looking forward to it.


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I talked to a lot of people about this. Our families are great and are not expecting us to invite cousins and their friends that we have little or no relationship with. I have heard horror stories of parental pressure to invite people you barely know.

I am going to say it again, this is your day. If they are contributing to the cost then maybe allocate them a few seats but this is your day. A good place to start is to list your family you want there (don’t forget to include yourselves) and work from there.

Even if you were previously invited to a wedding does not mean that you are expected to invite them to yours. Life doesn’t work like that. The evening invite is sometimes given to people who you want to come. But can’t afford to have them at the main event. Don’t forget to allocate food for people like  your photographer on the day.



This is not about who should be in your party but who you want most. I really struggled with this. I have picked 5 bridesmaids,  I would have 4 more if the budget allowed it.

All 5 of my bridesmaids I couldn’t live without. They make my world a better place and they all love Gavin too which is a big part of it.

His groomsmen are all men that I will have a drink with separate to my partner and still have a great night. All their partners make the group that little bit special. So when you pick who stands beside you don’t have family members because you have too (3 of mine are but that is because I love them). Have who you like.


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This is not only your day, but your partner’s too. If your partner is not as involved this doesn’t give you the right to start bossing people around.

It can be stressful, however being rude to those around you will put a dampener on your day. Surround yourself with good people who mean the most to you. And remember it is not about social media or keeping up with the Jones’, this is a day of love. Stroppy brides demanding these are the rules.

If you wish to be mortified and laugh a lot here are some stories of Bridezillas and it isn’t pretty.


diy wedding tips


The first thing you’ll learn when you start planning a DIY wedding is that everybody has very strong opinions and nobody is shy about sharing them with you.

It should be a little bit of a surprise to your guests, but mostly when you have made a decision the last thing you want to hear is people saying it is a bad idea or it they just don’t like it.

Ideally, we want everyone to love our ideas and think they are amazing in real life, we have our own tastes and ideas so don’t expect us to be all the same.

You are trying to create your dream DIY wedding…. now think of your favourite memories, was everything perfect? I doubt it, how many times have you planned a great night out only to find that the spontaneous night before hand was so much more fun. Things may go wrong but as this is a day of love. As long as your partner is standing in front of you ready to start your new life together, the rest is just semantics.


So that’s it, our ultimate DIY wedding planning tips! These past few months have been a joy, there have been tears, frustrations and elopement secret plans.

We are doing this together and some of you won’t have the support I have. I know I am lucky but I do hope you enjoy the process, you only get that engagement feeling once.

The next series of blogs will include lots of DIY wedding how-to’s, including making invites, save the dates, props etc. Please get in touch if you have any queries.

Have fun




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