How to Make your Own Save The Date Cards

Want to make your own save the date cards?

Opting for DIY save the dates is a great way to save money, so we salute you! Not sure where to start? Well, you’re in luck! Read on for some first-hand advice on everything from choosing a theme to the practicalities of DIY save the dates.

How to choose your wedding theme: Save the Dates

Save the dates are fairly new to the wedding industry but every wedding I have been to in the past few years has been pre-invited to weddings via “Save the Dates”. As someone who is now planning their own wedding, that little card with a first class stamp is an added extra in the budget that I would rather spend on gin. But the planner in me loves the idea of telling somebody when our special day is ahead of time. When I got engaged in October 2017 my HTB said we need to save for it so let’s give it a few years, this meant that all our family who live far away are able to plan around it.

Plus it doesn’t have to break the bank- especially if you make your own save the date cards!

This is an opportunity to play with your theme, you can practise with your “save the date” and if you change your mind about the theme then you can change it before your invites go out. Modern weddings mean there are no rules, no etiquette and you can make your wedding as unique as you are. If you don’t like a part of the traditional wedding then you don’t have to spend money on it or include it on your day. If you have lots of time you can play with themes and ideas that you like. Crafty Arts have put together 4 main themes to help inspire you:

  • Vintage Quirky Wedding
  • Rustic outdoorsy wedding
  • Classic glamourous wedding
  • Romantic floral wedding

But first…

Important Things to Remember

Now your theme may have a little bit of everything there are no right or wrong choices because this is personal, it’s your wedding. If you are going to make your own save the date cards then always have to ask yourself some questions:

  1. Can you actually do/make this?
  2. Will it be cheaper to make it yourself?
  3. Do you have the time to do this?

If you are handy with photoshop then you really can have a play with any theme you like, or if you are more crafty like me then you can draw illustrate or simply write out a Save the date then get a friend or hire a professional to turn it into a master piece.

Things you should have on your save the date are as follows, I know this all sound very basic but you would be amazed how many times vital information is missed off invites and save the dates.

  • You and your partners name
  • The date
  • The town city/ country where it is (you don’t have to be too specific)
  • The fact that you are getting married

Rustic & Romantic Wedding Themes

So for a more rustic look I moved the design onto craft card and kept it really simple but with the romantic look I have explored the florals and changed the letters of the place. The two couldn’t look more different but I managed to keep the same hand lettering look.

Glamorous & Vintage Retro Wedding Themes

I wanted to try an elegant look so I kept it black and white and tied a black ribbon around it. If makes it look a bit more like a present and fancy. I mounted it on black card so it has a bit more depth to it and the thickness of that card is a lot more luxurious. I also printed it out onto pearlescent paper but it doesn’t really show up on the photo. For the retro quirky one I went for a bit more of a hipster theme. This is actually my favourite to suit us as a couple, but maybe not if we were to get married in the Seychelles. It is a little bit tongue in cheek and I love the bold colours.

So just to show how simple it is to have one idea that you like and change it for different themes I have written out ‘Save the Date’ in a script that I like. I have used a Mono twin marker which writes beautifully especially for a calligraphy style hand lettering look.

Then I scanned it I to a computer and played with different themes. I have just played with fonts and printed it out onto different card.


So what did I choose for my own save the date? We decided to save time, money (and spend it on gin) and trees by using an online design. HTB really wanted to do something a bit geeky and I loved what he came up with so I let him make our save the dates. I didn’t really have the time to make them but I will be handcrafting and designing our wedding invites.

I hope you enjoyed our little blog on themes. If you’re planning to make your own save the date cards please let us know, we love pictures!

Have fun choosing your theme

P.S. This is not our Save the date but it may be one of the most expensive elaborate ever made

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