DIY Christmas Crackers: Crafty Ideas With a Festive Snap

Hands up, who’s grown tired of supermarket Christmas crackers? Yep, us too. But there is a solution: DIY Christmas crackers.

Crackers are a festive tradition that have been an integral part of Christmas dinner proceedings since, well…forever. But inside these glittering, enticing things so often lies disappointment. Every year we get sigh-worthy jokes that we’ve heard a thousand times before, plus a naff plastic item that soon finds its way into the bin or (if it’s lucky) the bottom of that ‘miscellaneous’ kitchen drawer, never to be seen again.

So why not shake things up and add a personal touch with your own DIY Christmas crackers this year? They’re quicker and easier to make than you might think, and you can personalise the contents to suit you and your guests.

3 DIY Christmas Crackers You Can Try Today

At Crafty Arts we’re always keeping our beady eyes open for new DIY craft projects. Here are a few fabulous ideas on how to make your own Christmas crackers this year.

For the Traditionalists

The classic Christmas cracker is hard to beat, and super easy to make with a bit of paper and few other crafty bits and bobs.

DIY christmas crackers DIY christmas crackers paperImage source: Monoshop

With a simple piece of decorative paper, an empty toilet roll tube, a cracker snap (if you want to use one), some twine or ribbon and your choice of mini gift or joke, you can roll up an entire set of totally unique DIY Christmas crackers in mere minutes. You can use any paper and any design you want, including wrapping paper, printer paper or tissue paper. You could even print out your own designs and use them if you wish.

It’s up to you if you want to make them all from the same pattern or if you want to create a harmonising set of different designs. You can also get creative by adding some embellishments if you like, such as ribbons, buttons and sparkly gemstones.

You’ll be so amazed by how easy these are to make, you’ll be kicking yourself that you didn’t decide make your own Christmas crackers sooner! Find out how to make basic traditional crackers with this step by step guide, and grab what you need from our shopping list below:

Traditional Crackers Shopping List:

For the Soft Touch

If you love your fabrics, then these elegant fabric Christmas crackers are the perfect DIY project for you.

DIY christmas crackers fabricImage source: Poppytalk

Believe it or not, these fabric crackers are just as easy to make as the paper ones; you simply swap out the paper for a piece of fabric of your choice. You could pick out a few pieces from your local haberdashery, recycle old clothing or even use existing Christmas napkins.

Using fabric for your DIY Christmas crackers is the perfect way to add a softer, more elegant aesthetic to your festive table this year. They give your guests something extra special and unexpected and, to top it all off, you can reuse them!

You can read more about how to make these stunning crackers over on the original post, and you can create them using the same shopping list as the paper crackers, simply swapping the paper for your chosen fabric, and the clear tape for strong double sided tape or fabric glue.  


For the Sweet Tooth

Want to ditch the jokes and paper hats and just stick with the gifts? These colourful candy crackers are the perfect solution:

DIY christmas crackers edibleImage source: Martha Stewart

So simple yet so enticing, these treat-filled crackers make the perfect personalised table favours for your guests. They’re also incredibly easy to put together, so you won’t need bags of time. All you need to do is buy (or bake) some small edible treats such as biscuits or sweets. Then simply pour them into a clear plastic tube (a link to which you can find in our shopping list below). Once they’re in, you just need to add the ends to make it look like a cracker.

Fix some coloured crepe paper to each end using decorative craft tape. Then snip the ends to create a fringed effect and gather and tie off with your twine and ribbon. You can fill each cracker with the recipient’s favourite sweets or chocolates, so everyone is guaranteed to get something they love. Here’s the original tutorial for you to check out, and below is our shopping list to help you find what you need.

Candy Crackers Shopping List:

With all these fabulous DIY Christmas crackers you can create a truly unique Christmas dinner experience for your guests, and we can’t wait to see what you come up with. Share your snappy cracker crafts with us over on our Facebook and Twitter pages, or tag us on Instagram using @craftyartsuk.




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