3 DIY Christmas Gifts People Will Actually Want

Out of ideas for gifts this Christmas? DIY Christmas gifts are the way to go.

Personal, adorable and made with love, homemade gifts are the best way to show your friends and family how much you care, and you’ll get lots of creativity brownie points too.

So if you love a creative project and want to make something truly unique for your loved ones this year, take a look at these three DIY Christmas gift ideas from the team here at Crafty Arts, complete with handy shopping lists for all the materials you’ll need.

Cute Clay Keychains

DIY gift keychainsImage source: sugarandcloth.com

Easy to make and easy to personalise, a homemade keychain makes the ideal DIY Christmas gift. There are lots of materials you can use to make keychains, but polymer clay is our favourite. It is super easy to mould and gives you endless possibilities for creating different shapes and sizes and designs.

You can use cookie cutters or a craft knife to cut out any shape you like from your clay, then once you’ve baked your shapes you can get really creative with decoration. The example above uses tape to block out shapes, then a mixture of spray and acrylic paints to create the colour and dapple effects.

You can use anything you like to decorate your keychain gifts, from paints, inks and pens to glitter and sequins; absolutely anything goes. With so many possibilities, you can easily personalise your keychains to create totally unique DIY Christmas gifts for all of your friends and family – you could even make them in the shape of their first initial. Fancy giving it a try? Use our shopping list below to make the keychains pictured, and find the full tutorial here.

Clay Keychain Shopping List:

Additional items:

  • Rolling pin
  • Pencil (for punching the hole)
  • Greaseproof paper
  • Keychain ring
  • Shape Cutters


Christmas Treat Trees

DIY gift treat treesImage source: thirstyfortea.com

If you don’t have bags of spare time to make DIY Christmas gifts, here’s a really quick and easy one. Christmas treat trees are a great way to create a DIY Christmas gift that features all the edible treats and gifts your friends and family love the most.

In this example, the tree is covered with a variety of speciality tea bags, perfect for the tea lovers in your life, but this isn’t the only thing you can use. You could make a tree out of their favourite mini bags of sweets, hot chocolate sachets, packets of seeds for keen gardeners, or even print out some mini photographs for them to treasure.

Whatever you decide to put on your treat tree, aim for things that are lightweight, as anything too heavy will cause the tree to topple. Check out our shopping list below to see what you’ll need to create your own treat trees, and you can find the full tutorial here.

Treat Trees Shopping List

Additional Items

  • Drawing pins (alternative to glue gun)
  • Rice for weighing down boxes (optional)
  • Your chosen treats


Personalised Name Plant Pots

DIY gift plant potImage source: diycandy.com

Sticking with the personalisation theme, here’s another super quick and easy DIY Christmas gift idea, personalised name plant pots. These are the ideal way to make totally unique gifts that look fantastic and can be enjoyed by your friends and family all year round.

Another great thing about these DIY gifts is the range of options you have for customising. You can choose any colour of plant pot (though the lighter colours are best), any colour of marker or paint pen and any type of plant to sit inside the pot.

This super simple method involves using alphabet stickers as a guide and surrounding them with dots made using a marker pen. This then spells out the chosen name in the negative space once the stickers are peeled off, producing a great decorative finish. You can also use fun shape stickers to add extra decorations. Aren’t they great? You can find the full shopping list below, and the full tutorial here.

Name Plant Pots Shopping List

Additional Items

  • Plant pots
  • Plants

With any luck you’ll now have lots of ideas on how make these DIY Christmas gifts your own. And, if you are planning to make your own Christmas gifts, we’d love to see them! Share your creations with us over on our Facebook and Twitter pages, or tag us on Instagram using @craftyartsuk

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