What Dad doesn’t like Star Wars? DIY Gifts for Father’s Day

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Here at Crafty Arts we love Star Wars, we can’t help it, we love the films (all four of them!)

We love the merchandise, we watched it growing up and still can’t get enough of it, we have Tesco Star Wars reusable bags, Kellogg’s light sabre spoons, Natasha cut out Star Wars snowflakes at Christmas time.

So this Father’s Day I am showing you our favourite Father’s day cards and gifts Star Wars themed crafts!

I do think it’s great that the roles of all men in our lives are celebrated on this day, uncles, stepfathers, friends of the family, siblings and cousins who have all guided us through our lives, so whoever your ‘Dad’ is on this day we have some funny and cute ideas to show you.



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Both these cards are great but the footprint Yoda is amazing and they even tell you how to make them, poster paint is a safe option for little ones skin! It washes off easily and is made for children.



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Another option is you could bake cakes (or buy and decorate them depending on time and your cooking skills). This is the simplest one I have seen but it had me laughing for ages.

If I am being picky I would have the icing to match the light sabers or do it all silver!




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A nice gift that the whole family can make are these cute plant pots just buy some cheap terracotta pots, PVA glue to seal it and some enamel paints we recommend the Folk Art as it will last in the garden. And paint away.

You can cut out shapes and make stencils. But you can create all sorts of beautiful paint pots, I often do this class in our children’s summer workshops.



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For the crafty crocheter in the family there are so many projects!

I am hoping Natasha is going to tackle a few if not we will have to get our lovely Tutor Maggie to do some for us.

Top favorites are BB-8 which you could line, fill will sand and give to Dad as a paperweight or a door stop….adorable.



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Or treat him to the most adorable crocheted slippers!

You could get out the Hama Beads and try making these cute Star Wars figures, if you mount them on magnets then you can create a useful gift. Kind of like what we did in a previous blog Celebrating all that is Star Wars.



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C3PO looks a bit like a gingerbread man but I love him.

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For Fathers Day morning if you fancy making dad  a special breakfast then look at these eggs!!! Would you be able to break them, I am not sure I would (unless it was Jar Jar Binks and then I would happily).



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You could team them up with Chewy made out of bacon and hash browns, yummy.



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If it is a hot day on Fathering Sunday then why not make stubby holders for popsicles!   All you need it some felt scissors and fabric glue and hey presto, light saber lollies!

I had so much fun picking out all these images, I have made a Darth Vader birthday cake before (sadly no pictures) and I have ice cube trays in all Star Wars shapes and sizes, x-wing bottle opener, a Death Star chopping board and a whole lot more!

I hope you have enjoyed it as much as I have.

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