How to make an Easter Bonnet from Scratch

So Easter is here and a lovely tradition that keeps going every year is the Easter Bonnet parade.

This is where the children decorate their own bonnets or hats with lots of festive bunnies and eggs.

Nowadays you can buy a little straw hat but here I am going to show you how to turn some card, papers and felt into a very homemade bonnet!








Use the plates to create a stencil. The larger circle is the brim of your bonnet and the smaller circle is the top of the hat.

Then cut a long strip, the thickness depends on how high you want your hat to be. It needs to be slightly longer than the circumference of the smaller circle. Draw it out then add an extra centimetre to each long side.

Cut along the extra centimetre making little teeth shaped. This will help adhere the hat together.



Now is the tricky sticky part. Glue the two ends of the strip together to make a circle then you need to fold in the teeth and glue them together.




Then fold out the bottom teeth and glue them to the brim of the hat and now you have the base of your hat.



Now for the fun part, the decorating. You can go to town on your bonnet, feathers and eggs everywhere.

I put a base of green felt on the top of the hat for the eggs to sit on. I also put the shredded tissue on as it looks more nest like. I used tulip paint to create patterns on my Easter Eggs.





Have fun this Easter with creating your very own Easter Bonnet and Make sure to send us pictures!



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