Brush Lettering for beginners with Tombow Pens


Last week we ran a deal of the week for Towbow ABT Pens as it’s new to our product line.

I have always wanted to learn how to brush letter, once written it really stands out and looks amazing. There are so many types of fonts that you can create.

Also, there are so many types of fonts that you can create. It’s all about learning the basics and then finding your flow.








A brush pen is not like your typical marker pen. The brush pen end is designed to act like a watercolour brush.

Just like a watercolour brush, you can create lots of different strokes for example; thick downstrokes or thin upstrokes these pens have been created like this to give you the best coverage.

As you can see the nib is cone shaped with a very thin pointed tip. This makes the pen more flexible, depending on the angle that you use, you are able to create some really lovely definitions.




This nib is on the other end of the Tombow Dual Brush Pen, it’s a fine tip and great for writing in nice straight clean lines.






When writing with these pens it is all about pressure, the type of pressure that you use as you write will determine the look that you are creating.








They say the more you practise the easier and better you get, it’s such a cliché but it is so true.

So what I learnt is that to try not to compare your writing to anyone else, even though it is so easy to do so.

My mother in law is an amazing sign writer, when she writes it’s absolutely amazing, no matter what she writes.

I always use to make sure that I would give my birthday or Christmas cards out before or after she would give hers, as hers would always look outstanding lol.




Tombow have some really good PDF practise sheets to work with, practising on these sheets will teach you to learn the practise strokes, shapes of your lettering and how much pressure to use.

These sheets are really useful and you can print as many as you want to practise with.






Once I got the hang of the shapes of the letters and pressure I invested and upgraded. The tools that I have in my tool box to practise with: pad, pencil, a couple of dual brush Tombow pens (we sell the full selection of colours, so whatever colours you like). I chose the Derwent sketch and store pad because I liked the texture of the paper.


So far I really like these pens, with their huge selection of colours which means that you are able to use them for all of your writing and crafting needs.


Well, I hope that you enjoyed this intro to Brush Lettering, I know I did!





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