On the Tenth Day of Christmas my true love gave to me.. Ten Dark Lords a Leaping



If you have been reading the blog, you would know my love for Star Wars.






At our Funday I was even lucky enough or buy a Yoda painting that sits proudly on my office wall.


When watching film and it’s good versus evil. The norm is generally to route for the goodies. I know that I do.

Well, today I am going to do the complete opposite. I’m going to be looking at 10 of my favourite Christmas dark lords crafts.






But first, I really liked this picture.

Guinness is a staple at my grandparents’ house as they like to make a Guinness punch, especially at Christmas (our little Jamaican tradition).
So this image just make me smile. Watching the Stormtroopers help Darth up to get his drink on.







Images found on AnthonyHerrera

I know I mentioned snowflakes last year. But these are awesome. And every year Anthony has updated his snowflakes, so they are in line with the films.

If Star Wars isn’t your thing he also has Frozen and Guardians of the Galaxy. So something for everyone.







Image found on adventure-in-a-box.com

These Lanterns are great! Liska has even provided templates. These looks simple yet very effective.


♦ Card stock paper: Black or White (or both depending on if you are choose the dark or the light side)

Parchment or Vellum paper:

Adhesives: Glue and tape

♦ LED tealight candles








Image found on frugalfun4boys


Sarah used Perler beads, which very similar to hama beads. The great thing about hama is that you can print off the image that you like, put it under your clear pegboard or if you have a coloured board, you can just count the beads as you go along.

Once everything is in place.

Cover with the thin paper provided

Finally, iron over on a low heat until the beads have melted and fused together.








Image found on RedTedArt

Red Ted Art over the years has made lots of corner bookmark and they posted a really good how to video on how to make Darth Vader Corner Book Mark.


♦ Black Paper (Square either 12cm x 12cm or 15cm x 15cm)
♦ Silver pen
♦ Black Pen
♦ Nail varnish or paint or paper in blue and red
♦ Scissors
♦ Glue Stick








Image found on diygeekery.com

These are really cute and would be a great addition to any tree. Here also they have provided drawn templates.



♦ Felt (black and red for Darth Vader; green and beige for Yoda; brown, skin-toned, white and black for Leia)

♦ Needle & Thread (black, green, brown, white and silver used here) or fabric glue and markers if you’re not in the mood to sew

♦ Stuffing



Image found on Pinterest

I am so glad that colouring in became fashionable. This was a guilty secret for me! Dana is a colour outside of the lines kind of girl. But me on that would just freak me out. It has to be nice and neat and the colours have to match. I’m a little sad like that.

So we have a colouring-in sheet for the children and big kids at heart 🙂







Images found on greeneggsandgoats

A nice accessory any in an office or kids room.

Heather simply spray painted the lamp base black with a couple of coats and left it to dry

While that is drying looked up the “computer” on Darth’s chest online and pick the most simplest version. Sketched it on with a pencil and then filled it in with a couple of coats of acrylic paint

For the lampshade, you can print off a template and trace it on. and there you have it your Darth Vader lamp.







Images from madeveryday

This looks like so much fun, and I think that if we have a requested Star Wars kids party theme. We so will be doing this.

Dana (a different one) has given a nice step by step on how to make this.







Images found on twindragonflydesigns

It was a must to add something to the list that you can wear and Heather at twindragonflydesigns has done just that with these trendy looking shoes.

She has created an easy tutorial to follow. We don’t deoart acrylic, but folkart acrylic paint is very similar.







Image found on theinteriordiyer

Alex made this for her husband as a gift, which I absolutely love. I did however feel a bit torn because it’s actual globe that she used. (Not sure why) But I felt better that she bought it from a charity shop. We love a bit of upcycling here at Crafty Arts.




But I felt better that she bought it from a charity shop. We love a bit of upcycling here at Crafty Arts.

Well that’s my Top Ten, I hope that you enjoyed.

Rogue One: Star Wars Story is out at the cinemas on 14th December (I can’t wait)





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