Day 14: Don’t Stress: Keep it Simple!


We all know how much we care about Christmas. We want everyone to be happy so we spend so much time running around that we forget things or miss magical moments with our family.

I have found over the years that the main thing people can do to help, is help prepare the veg but after that it’s to get out of the Kitchen.






I haven’t had any Christmas cooking disasters to date, but like my parents I always worry people won’t enjoy it.

I love to plan and decorate the house and this year it is a bit disjointed as it is not at our house. So I am preparing a few smaller meals and keeping it simple.







Once you have sorted this out it is up to you to be as restrained or creative as possible.

In my family we put all the food on the table, including the turkey although sometimes if there is so much food then we put it back in the kitchen.

In Seychelles you always put the food down and take small amounts of everything then go back for what you want. It means that no food gets wasted and your plate isn’t as high as a mountain.

I love setting a table, it used to be mine and my sister’s job when we were kids, getting out the cutlery and setting it up. My mum would spend ages sourcing crackers, sometimes she made them, but she was always working with a colour scheme.

Our German ceramic tree would come out every year and sit in the same spot in the dining room. Beads and decorations would fill the dining room to make it really Christmassy. As a florist she really went for it at Christmas, with dad in the kitchen cooking up a storm, she would love the planning and it always looked beautiful.

Our Christmas meal was always very traditional and we often had a baked ham, pheasant or duck to accompany it. There will always be sausage pie, pigs in blankets and swede and carrot mash on our table, along with all the carrots, parsnips, Brussel sprouts, Yorkshire puddings and roast potatoes.

In my house I have added Cauliflower cheese to this but my partner says I always do too much.






 I love to cook, I take real pleasure from it. My Christmas fruit cake is already soaking in alcohol and even though Christmas won’t be spent at my house this year I will be cooking a ham and sausage pie to take with me, plus the cake.

The setting in mine has to be simple, no candles because with the oven on all day it gets too hot and with the piping food in front of you there is no point. But candles and fairy lights are on the mantel piece are a must. As for colours, again simple is best!





Images found on designmag

A quiet colour scheme can look amazing but I always worry when people use anything which is not edible on plates, crackers and napkins don’t count.

Decorations are generally fine as long as there is no glitter on them but fruit and herbs are perfect. Rosemary is your best friend at Christmas time because it already looks like fir branches.






Image found on inspiredbycharm

There is nothing worse than spending ages setting a table then having to remove half of it because of food! So be sensible. Dress the rest of the room and keep your table about the eating that is about to take place after all we always discuss the actual food rather than how beautiful the table setting is. So keep it simple.

But most of all don’t stress and miss the joy of the day!

Merry Christmas







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