On the 6th Day of Christmas: Workshop Recommendation for the New Year



Today is workshop day!

For those that do not know where we are situated, we are nice and close to the M25, so why not check out some of our classes.



We have classes and workshops throughout the week and on a Saturday. Along with Art Night on a Thursday Night, which is our Art and Wine Night. Yes I did say wine night 🙂 For more info click here





With Hotels and Caterers doubling their prices as soon as they hear the word ‘Wedding‘ the average price of a wedding is now £25000! Lots of magazines and websites tell you that doing it yourself cuts costs and also makes it a lot more personal. Actually doing it by yourself can be the tricky part. These workshops will show you how to create what you want for your wedding and on your budget.





Local Artist William Newton will take you through step by step and at the end of each session of the class you will create a picture. You will learn about application, washes lines the most important colours. Bill has vast knowledge in landscape and seascapes. You do have to bring along your own materials but Bill is on hand to talk you through products and his favourite papers.

Starting back Monday 4th January 2016



We have been working really hard, trying to create the right classes and workshops. And we hope that they interest you. To see more classes click here

If you do not see any classes that attract you. We are always looking to add to our programme. So feel free to leave comments below.







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