On the 2nd Day of Christmas: Hama Beads Cards & Gift Tags




There is not a lot you can’t create with Hama Beads. They are a versatile way of creating without too much mess.



We ran a children’s workshop with Hama Beads making Christmas tags and cards. Now as much as the children loved it, all the adults found it fascinating. You can really bring out your organised pattern building with these little beads. All you have to do is iron them to melt them together and you have your cute art.


Create Christmas coasters and presents for all your friends and family or just buy a mall set as a gift and let them create, these are definitely not just for kids!!



Making gift tags and cards is easy, just follow the instructions on the Hama Beads pack, let them cool down, then get some Mod Podge and glue them up. We kept it simple with a lovely effect!


Here are some more cute pictures we love.

Found on friendship-bracelets.



Happy Craftying!


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