The Benefits of Being Creative

Recently I keep seeing articles of the benefits of taking up a craft, so I decided to look into this a bit further.


Being Creative_1


It’s funny, when you generally think about the word “creative”, what comes to mind is Art & Crafts.

So it was interesting watching the video on the CNN link as it looks at  different types of ways you can be creative ie Building Gadgets. Opening creativity to everyone!

Being Creative


A shocking statistic that I found in the Daily Mail stated that being a creative person you are 75% less likely to suffer memory loss! They say it’s due to repetitive movements and that you are constantly stimulating the brain.



Dust off those brushes and paints, break out those needles and hooks or anything crafty and get creative. It’s not just amazing seeing your finished product but also now good for your well being.


Interested in taking up an Art or Craft?

We at Crafty Arts have a range of workshops in our Creative Hub in Romford Essex. Why not register your interest here.

If you are not local, why not have a look at our range of craft kits to get you started.


We now have an even better excuse to be even more creative.

How exciting!



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