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My Bullet Journal

Today’s blog is on my new love the bullet journal… It is basically a Filofax meets diary created and organised by you.         No pressure, no restrictions just a helpful guide organising what you want! Even now I am thinking about my next bullet journal which I will be starting in two months and buying in a …

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DIY Notice Board – Picking the perfect one for the home office

I love a good notice board. I love that it is versatile and can be used anywhere for the kitchen to the office.   I’m currently decorating my office at home and of course I need a pin board. I was unsure of what I wanted, so as always I hopped onto old faithful Pinterest to have a look at a …

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The magic of tidying…. I’m a convert

The space where the tree was seems so empty (not in my house I have filled it with gin!)     January is a break from visitors and celebrations, it is also a time to look around your house and notice issues and things that need fixing. Things that need to be put away in the attic. I love my …

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Introducing Emily from Inside-Out Garden Design our New Upcycling Tutor

Meet Emily our New Upcycle Tutor!           What’s your background? Well, right from a child I have always had a natural leaning towards making things with my hands.  I grew up with my mum making clothes for me and my dad did all of the DIY around the house.   At about 5 years old (I …

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Highlights of 2016

      Happy New Year! New Year = New opportunities and lots of up and coming projects.         Last year was an extremely busy one for us with winning multiple Awards, Celebrating our 25th Anniversary, our Annual Family Fun day, the introductions of new classes and workshops, hosting our first Macmillian Coffee Morning and of course our …

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Day 24: Merry Christmas!!!

  We are officially a day away from the big day… the last 24 days especially have flown by!   We really hope that you have enjoyed our Advent blog, which only leaves one more thing for us all to say…     We hope that you have a love time!            

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Day 23: Book a Workshop – The Ultimate Online Present

  We have so many workshops coming up next year! We will be finally running the calligraphy workshops we have been promising, but not only that a Flamework, Caustic Art, Floristry and lots more. For those up and coming workshops I advise you to buy an online voucher, just make sure you put the recipient’s email address on it, that …

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Day 22: Last minute gifts – Let’s get crafting!

    This happens more often than not, it can be petrifying especially when you think you are finished and every gift is sorted. I have lists, lists upon lists in my bullet journal. I know who I am buying for and generally what I am buying but being caught out is never fun. So let’s pretend, it is 8 …

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Day 21: Being a Christmas Baby!

    Now my family have always been good at separating Christmas from my birthday so I have very few complaints.           My Mum and Dad put up their decorations on the 12th of December and remove them 12 days after. My mum always makes a special effort by having Christmas just in one room and …

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Day 20: DIY It’s a Cracker

  I love the thought of Christmas crackers but year in year out I always get disappointed with them. The jokes are not very funny and don’t get me started on the so-called toot on the inside. So if you are feeling creative you can make your own. After researching I found that there are lots of different variations to choose …

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Day 19: How to Glitter Glam Your Glasses

  These are everywhere people making them to sell, people giving as gifts. Practice definitely makes perfect but here are the basic steps of glittering on glass. Just make sure you leave a gap around the rim!                   Glasses Mod Podge Glitter Sponge Brush Tray  Sheet of paper Stencil Tape     …

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Day 18: Last Minute Gifts

  The shopping malls are busy with people everywhere, the smell of chestnuts roasting and the glistening of fairy lights, people carry their bags full of Christmas gifts. The shopping list in your pocket and everything is all crossed off “what a relief” every gift is purchased and now they can be wrapped and put under the tree. Your mobile rings and Auntie Mary …

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Day 17: Real Vs Fake (The Christmas Tree Debate)

     I am an avid gardener and love being outdoors, so bringing the outdoors in for me is great.         There are pros as well as cons to fake and real Christmas Trees.   As real trees grow they absorb carbon dioxide and emit oxygen, they literally clean the air plus they can be recycled after …

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Day 16: Edible Christmas Decorations yummy

Edible garlands and decorations to make with your friends and family. But be careful as I am pretty sure most decorations won’t make it to the tree because you will eat them first.       Image found on chefeddy I am a Macaron fiend. I attended a class on how to make them and although they didn’t look like these …

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Day 15: Board Games for the Adults

  I wouldn’t say I’m an avid board gamer but actually thinking about it I have already played several board games this year including Catan (strategy Game), Cards Against Humanity (very adult word game), cranium (act, words & more game) and Tension (word association game). Last year also played Pass the Bomb (fast passed word game) and Telestrations (Think Pictionary …

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Day 14: Don’t Stress: Keep it Simple!

We all know how much we care about Christmas. We want everyone to be happy so we spend so much time running around that we forget things or miss magical moments with our family. I have found over the years that the main thing people can do to help, is help prepare the veg but after that it’s to get out …

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Day 13: Count Down….. till Christmas

  The last twelve days I feel have gone by very quickly. But we have had a lot of fun posting every day and getting everyone involved and writing posts. It’s been great! Don’t worry, it’s not over yet. Daily posts will be continuing to Christmas… yesssss!       So now the real countdown begins and today be looking …

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On the Twelfth Day of Christmas my true love gave to me… Twelve Drummers Drumming up Cocktails…yes please

This is going to be less of a blog and more or a menu!         We will be covering the main food groups: Gin, Rum, Vodka, Tequila, Whisky, Prosecco and a few non-alcoholic ones as well.             Image found on bbgoodfood Adorable and yummy.             Image found …

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On the Eleventh Day of Christmas my true love gave to me… Eleven Pipers Piping – DIY Crochet Slippers

  I was stumped with this entry as I wasn’t sure what to make. And then I had a lightbulb moment! I don’t smoke a pipe but I do love a pair of slippers and on a cold winters day I would wear a pair of slippers and sit by the fire.     So I decided to crochet a …

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On the Tenth Day of Christmas my true love gave to me.. Ten Dark Lords a Leaping

  If you have been reading the blog, you would know my love for Star Wars.         At our Funday I was even lucky enough or buy a Yoda painting that sits proudly on my office wall.   When watching film and it’s good versus evil. The norm is generally to route for the goodies. I know …

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