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Gouache: What It Is and How to Use it

You have probably heard of Gouache before but may not know any more about it (other than it’s strange name!). We were the same when we first found it, but now we know what is and how to use it, we thought we would share our knowledge on all things Gouache. What is Gouache? Gouache is a type of watercolour. It falls between acrylic and watercolour, which is probably why I haven’t mastered it yet. I am so used to building my layers up that working with flat opaque colours... Read More


Save the Bees and get garden savvy

Oh, I love bees I really do. I think they are so clever and helpful and their pollinating and hard works help us breathe! Having a small garden or even no garden isn’t really an excuse. You can help the bees in lots of ways here are a few that we love… Start by planting Paris and London have award-winning honey and the reason isn’t because of their botanical gardens, it’s actually because of window boxes and roof-top gardens. That fancy orchid you bought may just be the cream of... Read More


A Very Romantic Homemade Valentine’s Day

Okay, I am going to be mushy here and we all know I don’t really do mushy but here goes. For this Valentine’s day, I am going to make an effort. I still don’t believe in spending lots of money or going out to a restaurant that costs a fortune on this one day. No, this Valentine’s, as my first married valentines I am going all out, you name it, I’m doing it. Reds and Pinks ( a colour combo I really appreciate) is the theme I’m going with In... Read More

Valentine's Day card 30/01/2020

Valentine’s Day: Gifting our hearts to the Earth

Its time to think a little greener when it comes to spending your money. We all know when it comes to Valentine’s Day I am not a fan. So the idea of gifting it to the Earth or just making small changes to help our environmental impact pleases me immensely. So below is just a few ideas to help you gift our hearts to the Earth. Make an edible Valentine’s Day gift When it comes to food I am all in and I love an edible valentine. Biscuits, yes please!... Read More


Pantone Colour of the Year: Classic Blue

Pantone Colour Of the Year is ‘Classic Blue’ and it feels right especially for January. Classic blues has been creeping into our homes for the last few years. It is wonderful to see it in pride of place as the Official Pantone Colour of 2020. We can look forward to seeing it more in our homes, fashion and design work. But how much will it affect our arts and crafts? Only time will tell. January Blues is a real thing Its winter, Christmas is gone, the buildup has been replaced... Read More

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Origami – The Art For All Ages

Origami is the Japanese art of paper folding and is suitable for all ages. You can buy papers or start with a little kit. Normal printer paper can work but can be a little thick. You don’t need anything but papers and instructions. I learnt origami at school. A man came in to teach us how to make an origami lily and I picked it up fairly easily. When it comes to art and crafts I do find it easier to watch someone create something rather than follow instructions. When... Read More


Look ahead to a Greener 2020

Our main goal for 2020 is to make it a greener year. Hopefully, by making these positive, sustainable changes, we can make this infiltrate every part of our business from packing to our offices and our own recycling. By taking care of our business, it in turn helps us take care of you. How to be Greener: Reuse Recycle We really want to make this year greener; with the use of recycled boxes (literally) and the go green climate initiative from DHL for our overseas parcels put into place. We... Read More


Happy New Year: Bring on 2020

Well, it really has been a lovely Christmas and this year we have accomplished so much. Set ourselves mini-challenges and hit them straight on. Its time to appreciate the little things. 2019 will be the year that we started reaching out more into our immediate areas, and started supporting Havering Mind. We ran a half marathon, went to the Wheels and Wings event and ran a workshop where all the money went to Mind and we also supported the Chritsmas Havering Mind show where we handed out free presents to... Read More


Nostalgic toys: Maybe this one is better for the adults!

Nostalgic toys: Maybe this one is better for the adults!! I am not joking if your children have used this in the summer its time to get it out and use it at your Christmas parties! When I was younger I really really wanted a Mr Frosty maker, I am pretty sure it was on my Santa list for a few years but I never got it. When I say they had released it the inner child in me longs for a Mr Frosty. Perfect for Summer cones and ideal... Read More


20 Minute Indoor Christmas Wreath

This is such a simple indoor Chrsitmas wreath, it takes only a few items and 20 minutes of your day. You will have enough materials left from the wreath to make another and it’s all under a tenner! You will need: Wire cutters, secateurs or kitchen scissors Rafia covered wire Gold berries on wire Fir branch Any other Christmas bits and bobs you want to add That’s it. That’s all you need. This craft wire is 10 meters long so if you wanted to make it fuller then you just... Read More


Printing your own wrapping paper

Printing your own wrapping paper is ridiculously satisfying. This year I am trying to be more conscientious so I won’t be having plastic shiny paper or glitter ones as they end up in the bin. Glitter and shiny paper cant be recycled. I will use up what I bought last year. Loving colour at Christmas doesn’t mean I have always prefered brown wrap anyway, I like pretty ribbons and using decorations instead of tags. Trying to be mindful just exacerbates my inner hoarder so I don’t care. I save my... Read More


Adding Luminance to your pencil drawings

Sorry for the pun but I couldn’t help it. Today I will be writing about luminance pencils and how they really do add luminance to your pencil drawings. We all know I am a huge fan of Caran D’ache, I just rate them as incredible pencils with unmatched quality. Let’s talk about the actual pencils The pencil are lusciously thick and creamy with a 3.8mm core. This is a wax-based pencil range and although when laying down the colour it is thick and creamy, the core is not ridiculously soft... Read More

Toneontone 31/10/2019

Autumn Crafting

Autumn is definitely here, the trees are turning into gorgeous shades. The nights are darker. The heating is sporadically on and hot drinks have replaced ice-cold glasses of water. Yes, these crafts are ideal for all year round but there is something about creating them for Autumn. Making things bright and cosy! Rock painting Yes, you can do this all year round but now that the garden is starting look bare again. Perhaps by painting plant pots and hand painting rocks, you can add a bit more colour to your... Read More

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Getting started with Face Paint

Face paint is easy but you need to have a few basics and be confident enough to practise! You don’t need lots of expensive equipment, just a few essential tools… That’s it, that’s all you need to get started but there are always extras like face paint sticks, gems, glitters gels, biodegradable glitters and stencils. You can go to town on colours but really when you get started you just need the basics. If you have some ideas of the faces and colours you want to use then start with... Read More


Inktober: Halfway through

To be honest with you, the whole process of sharing my sketches with you is fairly daunting. We are halfway through the Inktober challenge and it has been, well, challenging. I do like a challenge, don’t get me wrong. 31 days of drawing is a challenge It’s very exposing Putting your work out there, and not my best work either just quick sketches and 2-minute drawings makes me feel exposed. That people will look at them and judge me and my work. Some have taken me twenty minutes to draw,... Read More

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Half Marathon: Our first one. We Did It!

So, we did it! We just completed the challenge of running our first Half Marathon. It really was a challenge for all of us. We all agreed we needed to train more but we were really lucky, with the weather and with the community spirit. The crowds cheering you on really does make you feel great, it also forces you not to walk because you don’t want to let them down, even if you are tired and just need a minute.  I think we would all agree that having our... Read More


Christmas Crafts: Pink Ink Festive Stag with Lynda

Christmas is nearly here. Which means it’s time to start Christmas Crafts! Have you seen the recent festive release from Pink Ink stamps yet? If not you really do need to take a look at them as every set is incredible and really versatile. I had to get them all as soon as I saw them and I am having so much fun with them. Today I would like to share with you my first creation using the absolutely stunning Stag set. I have also used a few other sets... Read More


Inktober: The Competition

As you might have seen in our Autumn blog, we are going to be doing Inktober this year and we want you to join us. Throughout the month of October, we will be looking for our favourite Inktober submissions from you all and at the end of the month, one of your will win our Inktober challenge. The winner will receive the below bundle – worth over £60! Inktober: The Rules The rules are simple: you follow a brief and you have to draw a doodle from it every day.... Read More

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Autumn, our favourite time of year: time for a new challenge

We had a bit of a funny summer, lots of sunny days but a fair few days of MEH. Autumn is our favourite time of year. It’s the calm before the storm that is Christmas. So, although at work we are busy little bees, we are looking forward to cosy nights and bright cold days. Autumn is the perfect season. Even more perfect is the amount of autumnal arts and crafts projects that we can get started on. Let’s Get Cosy The heating is starting to go on, the coffee... Read More


An update on our Marathon Training

So we don’t have long to go now till our Half Marathon starts so we thought you would like to hear a little update from us. Couch to 5k has bumped us up to 5-10 so we are on our way. We have also have been working on our fitness at our local Nuffield gym so it has been a lot of 6am starts so it gets us in for work. Push ourselves We are really going to have to push ourselves  if want to be running 21k. Upping our... Read More