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Happy Father’s Day

To all the wonderful Dads, step-Dad’s and father figures there, we celebrate you. From the times you held us when we cried, or fixed our favourite toy, celebrated our acheivements with us or picked us up and dusted us off when life threw curveballs at us, we want to say thank you. To celebrate our dads this Father’s Day we wanted to share some our favourite memories, accidents and just general times our Dad’s were our heros! Breaking Vases and Breaking Down Barriers Hanna: I have been lucky enough in... Read More


Cute FIMO Easter bunnies

Tutorial by STAEDTLER Easter is just around the corner and what better way to get into the Easter spirit than by crafting Easter themed projects. We’re starting this week with Easter bunnies made with Fimo Clay. These bunnies can be made in 3 easy steps and are ideal for little hands. What you need: Fimo Soft – White Fimo Soft – Pale Pink Fimo Soft – Sahara Lumocolour Pemanent Pen (optional – any marker is fine) Fimo Bead Piercing Needles Fimo Blades (adult supervision needed) Baking Paper Ovenproof Glass String... Read More


Celebrating 30 years of creativity & Our Competition Winners

WE’RE 30!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO US!! First off, let us start with a massive THANK YOU to all our customers. Without you and your support, we never would have made it here and what an incredible journey it has been. Through recessions to pandemics, our passion for arts and crafts has never wavered and we’ve weathered every storm with the loyalty and hard work of our customers and our team. I know a lot of our customers know our story, but for those that don’t, Crafty Arts was born in... Read More


Getting Creative at Christmas with Creativ

This year we have some great creative Christmas craft boxes from Creativ, one of our best crafting suppliers. The boxes are packed with goodies, more than enough to keep you and the kids busy over the festive period. Traditional Christmas Box This creative box contains: silk clay, foam clay, sticky base, self-adhesive googly eyes, assorted colours chenille stems, assorted colours pom poms, silk ribbon, metalic chenille stems, bells,, pine cones, assorted sizes wooden beads, cotton thread, giant polyacrylic yarn, assorted colours craft felt sheets, artificial snow and assorted sizes wooden... Read More


Best Homemade Christmas Gifts on Pinterest 2020

Christmas is just round the corner, 6 weeks away to be exact. Which is great because it gives us enough time to make some homemade Christmas gifts on a budget. 1.Make your own lip balm by I really like this gift as it is has three simple ingredients that you need to make the lip balm. It’s children friendly, so it is also something that you can make with the kids. 2. Candy Sleigh by This is a great stocking filler for the kids, these instructions are using... Read More

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Get your advent calendar in time for Christmas

The advent calendar has been around for centuries, they started off with a piece of candy behind each window and the progressed to chocolate over the years. Fast forward to now, there are so many types of advent calendars to the point that we are spoilt for choice. The last couple of years I have been receiving a makeup advent calendar, which is full of goodies and something nice to look forward to for every day in the month of December. This year we are excited to be introducing the... Read More

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Plaid FolkArt Outdoor Acrylic Paint

FolkArt by Plaid knows it’s Acrylic paints, this brand is well known for its craft paint and is one of our most popular ranges for indoor and outdoor crafts. The FolkArt Outdoor Acrylic Colours suits all types of artists and crafters. Working on all types of surfaces from wooden signs, fences, stone fountains as well as metal, tin, terracotta, wood and other outdoor craft surfaces to add a touch of colour and shine The paint can be used outside because it has specially formulated protective finish. We sell a FolkArt... Read More


Surfaces & Mediums and which to choose by Murray Marvel

Surfaces, where do we start? I have been asked to write a blog on what different surfaces do for all mediums. Hopefully, I will break down each surface. I have used a lot of different papers and different mediums as an artist but I am always still learning. Experimenting and finding my own journey through art. As a multi-media artist, I use a vast array of different surfaces, some for multiple different mediums. Not just to suit the medium I may be using, but also it depends on what effects... Read More


Introducing The Docrafts Artiste Acrylic Paint 100ml set

The 100ml Acrylic Paint set from Artiste by Docrafts is a smart choice for those new to art and the more experienced alike. This range is a firm favourite with artists and crafters everywhere. This acrylic paint set contains 6 vibrant colours. yellow, white, red, blue, green and black. The 100ml tubes are perfect for larger work and offer great value. For best results use with acrylic pads and canvas. The acrylic paint colours have a high level of pigmentation these paints provide good coverage and once dried are permanent... Read More

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Introducing the new Crafty Arts Essentials Hard back Sketch Books

Crafty Arts Essentials is here! Last year we at Crafty Arts decided that we wanted to embark upon creating an essentials range. We love the brands that we have promoted and sold over the last 29 year years and will continue to proudly do so, but felt that it was just as important to create some products of our own from materials that we know and love. So today we are proud to introduce you to our Crafty Arts Essentials Hardback Sketch Books. We wanted to produce a quality range... Read More


This could be the best compost for your plants: Introducing Bord na Mona Compost

We are constantly looking at new brands and ranges that catches the eye and Bord na Mona Compost is definitely one of them. Like many of you, since lock down I have found myself spending a lot of time in the garden, with my vegetable patch and spending more time on my house plants. I can’t believe how much I have enjoyed it and have found it to be quite therapeutic. I have created a nice little habit where I go home after work and go straight into the garden... Read More

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Top 10 Handmade Card Pins

Handmade cards, everyone loves to receive a card, I do especially if it’s a birthday. There is nothing like getting a card through the post and it is even more special if it is a handmade card. The concept of a handmade card is so much more meaningful to the receiver and it is just as attractive as any card that you would buy in a shop. Handmade are generally one offs however they are unique, and personal. When I think of picking a card I always try to make... Read More


Vegan Art Supplies (and Cruelty Free)

Vegan and Cruelty-Free art supplies – where do you start? Shopping online has never been easier, but it is still hard to find clarity on Vegan and Cruelty Free products. We thought we could offer more information on art materials that are vegan and cruelty-free. Old ways of creating art supplies often involved animal products. Artists are demanding more art supplies that don’t contain animal parts and are cruelty-free. Companies have been listening and things are changing. More importantly, there is a constant need for clarification as to which art... Read More

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11 Summer Crafts Ideas For The Whole Family

Well let’s be honest, we don’t really know what this summer has in store for us, some children’s summer holidays started in March! So we thought it may be nice to bring you some ideas that you can do this summer, whatever the weather. Fill your summer with rainbows We will never forget what the NHS has done for us during Covid-19. Pictures and paintings have popped up all over Britain and the world. So here are just a few ideas with how to create a few rainbows in and... Read More

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DIY Face Mask

Face Masks are now compulsory on public transport in the UK. If you are leaving the house or returning to work, you may prefer to wear one. When September hits and schools open things are going to change. Throughout the Coronavirus pandemic, we have been amazed to see the amount of creativity that has come from all people of all walks of life, and it warms us to see people using a creative outlet to deal with a very strange and stressful time. Talking of creativity, these DIY Face masks... Read More


How To Use Marbling Inks in 9 Steps

Marbling is a trend that never seems to go away. Here in 9 steps, we show you how to create unique and beautiful marble art, using our favourite Pebeo Marbling Inks. What is Marbling? Marbling is a method of decorating paper or fabric to imitate marble and other stone where colour is suspended in a thickened liquid and manipulated into various patterns. Paper or fabric is then laid upon the mixture and the pattern prints onto the surface. This technique requires patience and attention, as well as a little practice.... Read More


A Green Easter – is it possible?

Having a green Easter is it possible? Well, we have a few suggestions on making minor changes to help impact the environment. Making tiny changes is all that matters. You shouldn’t feel guilty about decisions you have to make based on time availability or budget. Sometimes we splurge when we don’t need to but as long as we reuse and recycle then you are doing your bit. The Egg Okay, so if you are lucky you will get an easter egg or lots of small little ones wrapped in foil.... Read More


Thank You to All Our Mums

I think being a parent is such hard work. It’s a constant part of your life that never stops, even when you are away from them, you are constantly thinking about them. This post is just a little thank you to all our mums out there, whatever shape or title they fall under. Thank you. Mums or the role of mum is a hard one. You are teacher, carer, hug giver, disciplinarian, nurse, cook, cleaner, organiser, driver, nightmare chaser, bodyguard, costume maker and personal shopper. The list is never-ending. Every... Read More


A Homemade Easter

It doesn’t take long for the Christmas decorations to be whipped away and the easter eggs come out. Don’t get us wrong, we love chocolate and any excuse to eat a chocolate-covered anything. However, we are thinking a wee bit greener and a wee bit more sustainable. We don’t want to encourage everyone to go crazy and buy lots of props for this holiday. Although we do love seeing pictures of everyone’s home all decorated up. We just want to encourage everyone to reuse and recycle where you can. Homemade... Read More


Murray Marvels’ Travel Art Materials

Travel art materials are of a certain interest to me as I am off on my honeymoon soon and I am taking limited art supplies in order to draw whilst I am out there. I have also challenged myself to 12 drawings and painting that I would be proud enough to sell. Limiting yourself to a few art supplies can be a challenge in itself. Finding the perfect sketchbook has been by far the trickiest thing so far and I am still not sure that I have the right size.... Read More