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How to Get the Kids involved this Christmas: Christmas Crafts

Christmas is personal to everyone and it’s important to get the kids involved. I am going to show you an easy craft for the whole family. We all have our own traditions at Christmas, from the order of the day to things we have to do (turkey sandwich no matter how full we are). Even the things we don’t do (like tinsel on the Christmas tree). People get funny about the word Xmas (which is my pet hate). The term Merry Christmas (as it should be) and Happy Christmas (no... Read More


Stuck for Christmas Gift Ideas? Here is this year’s Staff Picks for 2017

It can be so hard finding gift ideas for Christmas.  Here are a selection of potential gift ideas for your friends and family. Here at Crafty Arts we are always working hard to bring you new and exciting products, so here our team are going to talk about their favourite products. Hopefully to inspire you in your Christmas shopping this year. We are a mix of personalities from crafters, artists, stationary lovers and all those in between. Image Source: Unslash @MarkusSpiske     Caran D’ache Pencil Sharpener I asked Jon... Read More


Don’t be a Donkey is a new card game to play at Christmas

Don’t be a Donkey is a new card game to play at Christmas. This is a fast paced game for the family. It’s a carrot grabbing swapping game that will keep you on your toes.   Last week on ITV’s “How to Spend It Well at Christmas with Phillip Schofield”. Don’t be a Donkey was rated as one of the top children’s games to play at Christmas. It’s a game not just to played by the children, but one for the adults to join in too.   Image Source: The Sun... Read More

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How to Make Your Own D.I.Y Glass Ornaments for Christmas

Making your own D.I.Y glass ornaments for the Christmas tree is a great D.I.Y project. The great thing about a project like this is that doesn’t take a lot of time to make the different variations of baubles and it is something fun and exciting to do. This is a quick easy project and looks great. For those of you who would like to create something personal but don’t have a lot of time then this is the craft for you!   Make Time: 15 minutes What you will need:... Read More

DIY Christmas gifts 24/11/2017

3 DIY Christmas Gifts People Will Actually Want

Out of ideas for gifts this Christmas? DIY Christmas gifts are the way to go. Personal, adorable and made with love, homemade gifts are the best way to show your friends and family how much you care, and you’ll get lots of creativity brownie points too. So if you love a creative project and want to make something truly unique for your loved ones this year, take a look at these three DIY Christmas gift ideas from the team here at Crafty Arts, complete with handy shopping lists for all... Read More


Great tips for Black Friday 2017

Great tips for Black Friday 2017, why not? It is almost upon us and this year we have some great tips for you. With the addition of both Black Friday craft deals and Black Friday art supplies.   Why fight against the crowd? When you can see the Best Black Friday Deals in your warm cosy home. Our aim is to help you make Black Friday 2017 as easy as possible. Here are some handy tips to help make your Black Friday a success in 2017 and help you find... Read More


We are so excited to be introducing our new website

We are proud to introduce you to our new website. After months and months of hard work we are excited to announce our new and refreshed website.   Our goals when creating the new website was to offer you a website that not only looks new and fresh, but also to ensure that the usability is easier and faster.   Here is a list of our new and improved upgrades to the from our new website:   NEW Navigation   The navigation around the website is a lot clearer and... Read More

Board Game Gift Guide 09/11/2017

Board Game Gift Guide: Christmas 2017 Edition

With lots of board games out this year, here is our board game gift guide with the top games to play over the Christmas period. We had a look at the best games that are out at the moment, be it the oldies but goodies or newbies that has been added to our range.     Image Source:  Unsplash @mparzuchowski Games are a big part of my Christmas evening and I am sure that the same goes for you too. So I thought that I would  give you a break down... Read More

Autumn Craft Ideas for Kids 01/11/2017

Autumn Crafts: 4 Leaf Art Ideas For Kids

What’s the one thing autumn gives us in abundance? Leaves of course! And leaves are perfect for autumn crafts, offering so many possibilities for making all sorts of exciting things. We’ve got four wonderfully easy leaf art ideas that you and the kids can do together. All you need to do first is take a lovely stroll through the park and collect lots of dry leaves in as many different colours, shapes and sizes as you can find. What a great excuse for a family day out! Once you have your... Read More

Harry Potter Books Banner 26/10/2017

Harry Potter Crafts: Our Magical Workshops

This little blog is a personal journey of obsession that meets craft.   This is the first blog I am writing for Crafty Arts and I get to talk about the two things that I love Harry Potter and workshops. I couldn’t be happier.     Image Source     I work part time at Crafty Arts for the Customer Service Team and one of the workshop teachers, which means not only can I influence the workshops (more Harry Potter ones please) but I can also attend them with my... Read More

Paint Like Stephen Lowry Banner 18/10/2017

Paint like British Artist Laurence Stephen Lowry

Image Source: The Guardian Newspaper   MyArtBroker is a art great platform that connect buyers and sellers to the world of art. We touched base with them last month to find out what names in the art world were standing out from the crowd at the moment. A resurgence of interest was found in the artworks of late L. S Lowry. Lowry was a much loved British artist known for being able to capture the industrial north of 1920’s. His paintings of life in the industrial heartlands of North England. Some... Read More

Anatomy of Paint Brushes banner 05/10/2017

The anatomy of the paint brush: All you need to know

  It is always worth investing in good quality brushes, it doesn’t always mean buying the most expensive, but nothing is more annoying than painting and bristles end up in your work, it‘s not worth it. Sometimes cheap brushes are well made and you can get a bargain and a great brush in one…. So don’t be afraid of trying, but don’t be shocked if you are not happy with the results.     I thought that it would be good idea to give breakdown parts of the brush, so you... Read More

What is acrylic paint and what is the best brand to use? 21/09/2017

What is acrylic paint? And what is best brand to use?

My Advice for starting anything new is….. don’t go crazy buying materials. I have said it before and it really does apply to starting everything, less is more. And the more you paint the more your preferences will come through, what is right for you you will then get the results you require. So going out and buying a full range of brushes and paints is not necessary. No brush or surface is off limits when it comes to acrylics as long as you prepare a surface accordingly. Artists will... Read More

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It’s that Time Again: Crafty Arts Summer Funday

As always everyone at Crafty Arts getting very excited about our Funday!   Why It’s a chance to give back to the community with Free Demonstrations, Workshops and Face Painting. As well as showcasing local artists and crafters.   This year we will also be running lots of promotions for one day only, as well as having our Tombola on the go through out the day.   When is it 19th August 2017   Where is it Creative House, Bryant Avenue, Romford, Essex, RM3 0AP (Near the Gallow’s Corner Tesco’s)... Read More


Choosing the right die cutting machine for you

This blog is as much for you as it is for me….. Ummm, what machine do I want? In order to find out which it best suited to you. Ask lots of questions and you still may end up getting two any way, but here is a  run through of our machines at Crafty Arts.   When Tonic created this machine, they thought a lot about the mechanics of it, so it is heavy but the reason for this is that this may be the last machine you ever have... Read More

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Staying within the Lines- My First paint by numbers!

I Love to draw and paint. Image source Photo by Tim Arterbury on Unsplash   My dream would be a house by the sea and me painting all day every day for the rest of my life.   Image source Photo Mona Lisa Smile I have never painted a Paint by Numbers but I remember that poignant scene in the film Mona Lisa Smile when her students all handed in Van Gogh’s Sunflowers Paint by numbers and they had all painted them differently, it was gorgeous. I said to myself if I ever... Read More


You can paint on anything with this one pen!

Back in April we visited the London Stationery Show for the first time at the Business Design Centre, I had never been to this venue before and it was great as it was in the bustling area of Islington in London.     We had a great time, sitting in the sessions and browsing new lines. We came across our friends at Uni Ball to have a look at their amazing wall design design by Damilola Odusote.     If you have never come across his art work. Now is... Read More


Gifts Ideas for Father’s Day

Father’s Day is fast approaching – last minute changes to plans and extra presents are part of the course.   Image found on As they say….   If your dad is anything like mine buying a gift is very complicated! He never wants anything – but likes everything, and buys both fun and mundane things seemingly at random. I am assuming there is a method to it and it works for him. He had his midlife crisis and bought a white convertible – this turned out to be immensely practical... Read More


What Dad doesn’t like Star Wars? DIY Gifts for Father’s Day

Image found on Etsy     Here at Crafty Arts we love Star Wars, we can’t help it, we love the films (all four of them!) We love the merchandise, we watched it growing up and still can’t get enough of it, we have Tesco Star Wars reusable bags, Kellogg’s light sabre spoons, Natasha cut out star wars snowflakes at Christmas time. So this Father’s Day I am showing you our favourite Father’s day cards and gifts start wars themed! I do think it’s great that the roles of all... Read More

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Make your own Minion

        The world seems obsessed You can have everything Minion from, your nails painted to your car! Don’t get me wrong I think they are cute (they are no baby Groot) but cute nonetheless. So we are running a cute clay workshop on the 30th May and I have to make clay minions as examples. The staff have also requested my samples when I am finished with them. I thought, if you love minions that you may like to see other minion craft, well here goes. Image... Read More