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Mouldmaster Beaded Parraffin Wax 5kg

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  • Perfect for use in most candle making applications
  • Suitable for use in Pillars, Votives, Tealights, Cakes/Tarts
  • Highly refined to give clean burning
  • Un-dyed, unscented paraffin candles are odourless and bluish-white
  • Melting point: 56°-60°C

Despite the name, paraffin wax contains no paraffin, it is made from a by-product of the oil refining industry, Paraffin wax is used in the vast majority of all the candles made across the globe. Paraffin wax is the traditional wax for candle making and is still by far the most popular wax. It is good for beginners because it melts quickl and it is easy to add colour or scents.

Candles are a great way to bring light and fragrance into a room and making them yourself is a fun craft project. To get started, all you’ll need is wax, candle mould, wick, and any fragrance or colour you want your candle to have. Once you’ve made your candles, you can use them to decorate your home or give them to friends and family as gifts!

*Always melt on low heat under close supervision using a double boiler