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Bob Ross Oil Colour Brushes

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  Hand shaped and made according to precise specifications for Bob's wet on wet technique, these top quality, natural bristle brushes achieve superb, predictable effects.  Imitations and substitutes simply cannot duplicate the extraordinary performance of these precision painting tools. These brushes are made from natural hog hair, white sheep or pure white bristle hair. Brushes available: 1/2" round foliage, 1" round foliage, 1" landscape, 2" landscape, 2" blender, 1" oval, no. 2 script liner, no. 6 filbert, no. 3 fan blender, no. 6 fan blender
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  Small and precise, these soft, natural bristle brushes create those special effects unique to florals from tiny florets to expansive petals and muted, subtle blending to the finest details.  They are hand shaped and each batch is individually inspected.  Brushes available: 1/2" bright, 3/4" bright, no. 12 filbert, no. 6 round, no. 4 fan
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  Bob Ross has developed seven wildlife brushes according to precise specifications to create the fur, eyes, tails and whiskers of animals,. These precision painting tools will allow you to create wildlife animals with ease. The brushes are made from golden taklon, white taklon or white bristle. Brushes available: 1/2" bristle, 3/4" bristle, 1/16" eye, no. 2 detail, 1/2" fur, no. 6 finisher, no. 8 finisher