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Mount Boards UK | Mounting For Pictures

Mount Boards UK | Mounting For Pictures</div></div><div

In the picture framing industry, a mount board is a thin, flat piece of coloured card included within a picture frame, which serves as additional decoration and to perform several other, more practical functions such as separating the art from the glass. Also known as Mat Board, each sheet is alkaline-sized and ph neutral.

We sell a range of colours of mount board and mount cutters for beginners to professional. Generally the mount card is 1400 Micron thick and comes in multiple packs. We sell a range of sizes and colours, with the most popular size being A1 mount board for gallery and presentation work from Daler Rowney and West Designs.

We also sell a large range of mount cutters from the likes of Logan, Jakar and Maped. We have models to suit everyone from beginners just starting out, to professional framers alike.

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