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Winsor & Newton Stretched Canvas

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This artists quality canvas range consists of carefully selected and prepared stretched cotton canvas to ensure outstanding quality. This range is now more comprehensive than ever before and is ideal for all techniques including heavier application of colour. This range benefits from having a heavier weight superior cloth of medium grain surface that has been triple coated with two coats of highly pigmented primer and one coat of acid free sizing - all formulated by Winsor & Newton. Artists' Canvas also offers balanced absorbency and tooth, essential for preventing the sinking of oil colour; this also means that the canvas has improved adhesion. All Artists' Canvas is stapled on the reverse resulting in clean edges, to ensure that you can paint on all four sides. Professional stretcher bars are as standard and offer great strength and stability.Using medium grain 100% cotton, the primed canvas weighs 13oz/375gsm having been coated with acid free sizing and two coats of highly pigmented primer. The result is a canvas with tooth, adhesion and absorbency, which prevents the sinking of colour.Ideal for acrylic, oil and alkyd colour
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The Winsor & Newton Deep Canvas Square Metric is fast becoming the modern choice with both Artists and interior designers alike. High quality canvas, triple acrylic primed and acid-free 1.5" Deep frame with clean wrapped edge... Pin and staple free. This range of Deep Edge Canvas offers the artist a good quality, acid-free, cotton canvas that has been double coated with primer. The stretched canvas is of medium grain, made from 100% cotton and is ideal for use with oil (including water mixable) acrylic and alkyd colour. This range has been extended to include the new Winsor Deep Edge, with a depth of 38mm. To accommodate latest trends, the edges are clean so that you can paint around the sides and there is no need for framing.
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Our Winsor Universal range offers the artist a good quality, acid free, cotton canvas that has been double coated with primer. The canvas is of medium grain and is made from 100% cotton. This range consists of canvases in twin packs. The canvases are for general use with oil (including water mixable) acrylic and alkyd colour. Twin packs come in boxes of 3 so you will receive 6 canvases all together!